HOWTO: Muting Topics

(Guardian of the bacon) #1

When you first log in as a new user the abundance of topics can seem daunting. It is quite simple to mute the ones that have no interest to you so that they no longer show up in your feed.

Simply click on the heading, scroll to the bottom of the thread you will see a button labeled “O Normal”
Click on that button and you will see your notification options including “Mute” which will silence that thread from your future feeds.

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(Tom Seest) #2

I just wish I could mute certain bacon loving users entirely, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet…

Only kidding…


I know you’re jesting, but you can mute users in your preferences. And maybe from their user card too.


There are also settings in your user preferences for tracking.

(Bob M) #5

Where are the controls to mute certain users? I looked through my settings and could not find that. Thank you.