How to travel with Keto-Friendly ingredients


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Hi Keto World,
I’m traveling to visit my family for the holidays. I’d like to bring some Keto-Friendly ingredients, such as powdered monk fruit sweetener, MCT oil, hulled hemp seeds, and gelatin to use to make keto dishes while I’m there. I don’t want to bring the huge containers I have. I also know I can’t store MCT oil in plastic. Anyone have suggestions on how I can transport a cup or so of the oil? My goolgle-foo is weak today and I’ve not found anything I like. Thank you in advance.

(Janelle) #2

I’ve seen powdered MCT oil. Walmart sells it. I don’t know if it’s really a substitute for the oil.

(EMILY) #3

Thanks for the reply. I’ve seen others reference the powder but I really want the oil so I can use it for other recipes (not just coffee) as needed.

(less is more, more or less) #4

Why not simply travel with coconut oil, a major source for MCT oil?

(EMILY) #5

That’s a good point. The coconut oil would probably be more versatile and I could just put it in a mason jar. Thank you for the great idea!

(Jane) #6

I was thinking mason jar for the oil but it would be messy to pour.

I recently took some ACV on a trip with me and didn’t want to take the large, heavy glass bottle so I used one of the small 8 oz diet coke bottles and a funnel and carried it that way. A small water bottle would work also.

Why can’t you use plastic for MCT oil?

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Tangentially, coconut oil’s melting point is 76° This time of year, it will be reliably solid, well, in the northern, non-tropical hemisphere.

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I’ve read that clear plastic is exposed to UV rays which raises the temperature of the oil and can cause deterioration to the quality of the oil.
Doing some quick research to help me remember, I came across this reddit story:
The post includes information about chemical polarity explaining why it eats through styrofoam.


This is stating the obvious but why not streamline the things you want to take with you (just 1-2 only) and go to a nearby grocery store and buy fresh food? We have been ketogenic awhile (husband 10+ years) and we have both never used MCT oil, hemp seeds, gelatin or monk fruit sweetener in our foods.

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I think this is lazy/dirty keto. More practical and inexpensive, too. It’s how I travel.

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DO you have a specific destination where you are traveling? If so, you could order a small bottle from Amazon and have it delivered to the address where you are going. Or you could buy the smallest bottle you can find and just don’t open it until you get to your destination. when returning home, just wrap as best as you can to prevent it from leaking. As for dry ingredients, Ive traveled with guar gum, konjac flour, and xanthan gum in small, glass, lidded containers. I just packed them well wrapped in clothes to prevent any breakage in my suitcase.

(Jane) #13

Ah, ok. My MCT oil is in a plastic bottle, but dark black - not clear.


It’s simple for us. We believe in listening to our bodies and I’ve learned to tweak my diet or consumption to levels that work for me. My husband’s been in it for a very long time. I’m learning keto means different things to different people. Keeping it simple and living peacefully is important, living in harmony with our bodies and feeling light.

(Kevin) #15

Thank you all guys for providing valid points in the thread!


Even though this thread is from five years ago, your question about traveling with keto-friendly ingredients is still relevant and useful. It’s awesome that you’re planning to bring along powdered monk fruit sweetener, MCT oil, hulled hemp seeds, and gelatin to make delicious keto dishes during your holiday visit with family.
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