How to re-start a new Accountability thread and delete old one or rename?

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Hey yall,

Im back from carb-land. Took a hiatus for several months on account of needing a stress leave. Wheb i was on here, i had started an accountability thread/journal thing and I would like to do it again BUT i dont want to keep the old one. I want to start a NEW one with a new name for my accountability thread(like i see others have done) In other words…i want a fresh start! The past is the past. So how do i do that? I have looked everywhere to try and figure it out but i cant seem to???


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Hi Heather, I was wondering what happened to you just this morning, welcome back. Lots of people drift away for a while. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can just start a new thread with a new name. I don’t think you need to merge or delete the old one but maybe an admin will respond differently and help. There’s probably useful advice people gave, it will fade away pretty much if you don’t use it. Maybe it can be locked or something.


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@PortHardy You can edit the name of a topic you have created. But you have to ask admins to delete a topic. Just include: ‘@ forum_admin’ to get the current admin’s attention. Note: I added a space between the ‘@’ sign and ‘forum_admin’ to defuse it here. When you want to use it for real just remove the space.


Heather, you’re just wanting to start a new thread? You can just leave your old thread sitting where you left it. No need to do anything with it.

Just start a new thread and categorize it under accountability. Call it whatever you want.

(Heather Meyer) #5

Thanks! I did just that!