How to link my online name with Patreon

(Bob M) #1

So, I finally put some money through Patreon to help (a small amount) with running this site, since I’ve been here a while and a lot of my data is here.

But my online name here is not linked to Patreon. Now, I really don’t care much, as long as the 2/3 keto “dudes” know I’ve helped and I’m not some type of bit-sucking leech. :wink:

Speaking of leeches, my kids watch Bluey, which is really a great show from Australia. In one episode, the dad takes the kids to a pond and I think a waterfall. The kids get leeches on them, which the dad nonchalantly takes off as if they’re nothing. We went on vacation to a pond/lake in New York with swimming and a life guard. What did my kids ask the life guard? Whether there were leeches in the water.


you do or you would not have posted this post :100:

you are now not a leech as you say many of those are that have not contributed…I kinda find this post very distressing in a way :wink:

but yes I agree, I think if someone gives a donation to the site it should be shown to the website who made that donation and one should be credited for it…you sure just thru your observations you seen that the Dudes for client donations is not showing up on their end?

no one who does not send a contribution is not a leech…ugh
your comment on that is very offending to many as I would kinda put out there, as it was to me and I kinda think I might be right in your view on this as you apply it to others. hmmm.

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #3

As I understand it, the process is not automatic, for some reason. I believe that @richard has to do something to make it happen.

Given that he is currently very busy working on his doctorate, it may take a while, but he will see this note and act, when he has time.

(Joey) #4

FWIW, while I contribute financially to help support this forum, that doesn’t mean I’m not a blood-sucking leech. Just putting that out there for clarity.

(Bob M) #5

@Fangs I actually don’t care, and wouldn’t mind if I didn’t get the fancy badge. But I do want Richard and Carl to know that I contributed. While I did not get a chance to speak with them at Ketofest 2022, I do admire what they’ve done. Thus, my support.

At the same time, I probably have more of my own data on this forum than anyone else. The amount of data that’s mine is partly because I have a lot of data, and partly because I’m a blowhard. But, I feel a need to support them because of the bandwidth/data storage I’m wasting.

(Robin) #6

Oh, but the fancy badge is so awesome! You’ll get one. Just wait. You’ve been branded.
I chose my moderator badge over the patreon badge just so people feel like they have to be nice to me. :wink:

(Richard Morris) #7

I just added you a badge - thanks for the support.

BTW leeches are a thing. A nasty slimey thing.

(Joey) #8

But not if applied liberally for medicinal purposes, right? :thinking:

(May the blessing of bacon be always with you) #9

You laugh, but I read a recent paper promoting the use of leeches as a modern medical practice. (I don’t remember what the benefits were supposed to be, alas. And I don’t believe it was published on April 1, either.)

(Joey) #10

Not laughing here. “Bleeding” remains a way to improve health in the eyes of some. I must admit that after having donated blood and also serving as a pheresis donor for a recipient with whom I was a platelet match, I also felt better/energetic myself after a day or so. Whether it was emotional, physical, or spiritual is hard to say. :syringe: