How to estimate carbs from breading?

(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #1

So a new Korean chicken restaurant opened up near me and they’re selling whole deep fried chickens for ~3.75usd. Unfortunately there is a batter on there. I’ll have to ask them if they can do it without batter for me next time.

Being a little unsure about the batter I had to pass on most of the delicious skin :frowning: it was still delicious though.

So is it possible to guesstimate the carbs?

(Bob M) #2

I would be more concerned with the oils they use. They probably never or rarely change them, and they use seed oils. Both of those mean I’d shy away from eating the skin, regardless of the carb count.

(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #3

Thanks for the tip about the oil used I’ve heard that using processed oil should be avoided but I’ve not heard about the age of an oil being an issue before I’ll have to look that up. Still would like to try and figure out the carbs.

(Bunny) #4

Probably soybean oil!


You’d need to know the type of flour/s used. For very light/crispy coatings it’s likely going to be a combo of low gluten wheat flour & either rice flour or cornstarch.

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Most restaurant foods are not keto friendly, especially battered stuff. Like some others mentioned if I wanted to eat that carbs would be my last concern. A carb hit might affect your ketosis for a couple of days, Vegetable oils hang in your body for years and are toxic. They are 50x more in my avoid list than flours for an off plan meal. I would avoid the restaurant no matter how tasty it is, tasty often means unhealthy when restaurants are involved. That’s why I rarely eat from them. I like to control what goes into my body now without speculation or guessing. :cowboy_hat_face:


I know it varies by place, but most breaded fried chicken are in the 7-10 g of carbs per piece range (so multiply that by 2 legs, wings, breasts, thighs and it gets real Carby real fast, plus the oils being less than ideal (to be fair, I do eat naked fried wings on occasion). Many places list their nutrition facts online

(Ken) #8

Rather than jumping through all the analytical hoops, just do a n=1 experiment. Weigh yourself before yo go, then eat one. Weigh yourself before bed, the next morning, and before bed again. See what happens.

When I indulge in fried chicken I’m usually back to normal in hours with no ill effects. There is no chance of fat regain if you eat it only occasionally. It looks pretty good, I wish I lived near the place.

(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #9

Thanks for this the 7-10g of carbs per piece was the exact information I was looking for.

I have to counter though as it’s only 1 piece :stuck_out_tongue:

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Vegetable oils hang in your body for years and are toxic

This sounds like really important information can you link the science behind your statement. I’d like to read up on this. Also this brings up another question how much oil is transferred into the chicken during the cooking process?

(Full Metal KETO AF) #11

Hi Marc, So if you search vegetable oil here on the forum there’s a bunch of threads. This is basic KETO 101, 95% of us make serious efforts (guess) to avoid seed oils. Vegetable oils are a fairly recent industrial addition to our diets. They are insulinogenic, inflammatory, high omega6 industrially extracted with solvents and deodorized heat treated oils that were originally developed for lubrication until the 1920’s I believe when Crisco was introduced as a convenient lard replacement created by hydrogenating cottonseed oil. All this processing is necessary to pass an industrial lubricant being passed off as a modern food. This led to the multitude of processed garbage high carb junk foods with long shelf life over nutrition for profit.

I’m linking one of many threads, this has a presentation by Nina Teicholz who wrote “The Big Fat Surprise”.


(Marc SW129.4 SD07/19) #12

Great talk I think this video will really help me convince my mother to stop eating vegetable oils.