How to cook and eat beef fat ("suet")

(Bob M) #21

Thanks, Ken. I did not have time to do anything this weekend. I’ll try this week or weekend, sometime.

I’ll use some of the fat to make tallow, as I cannot find tallow locally. I can find lard, duck fat, etc., but not tallow. I use tallow for frying and also for cooking/searing any beef. I will cook some of the fat at low temp and other at high.

It does seem to me that eating fat as it normally exists should be better than eating tallow, which is quite concentrated.

(Ken) #22

Yes, the fat from trimmed muscles works better to roast than chunks of internal tallow. Less melting.

(Bob M) #23

Well, my first attempt at this was questionable. I put my oven on “convection roast” (uses a fan) at 150F. I roasted a big hunk of fat for about an hour. The outside did not get that hot (about 95 or so), and I was concerned about bacteria. So, then I upped it to 200F for about 15 minutes, and it still wasn’t that hot. Then, I upped it to 425, took out the fat, and put it back in for about 5 minutes. That got some browning, but (unlike at 150F or 200F), rendered some liquid fat. I took it out and cooled it down and put the liquid (clear) fat into a container along with the hunk of fat. The fat’s outside never got hot enough to kill bacteria. So, either I have to give up trying to kill bacteria or maybe dip it quickly in boiling water.

I’ll see today what it tastes like.

(mole person) #24

Hmm… that’s odd. If I set my oven to 150F the entire piece of meat or fat gets to that temperature. The outside is the first part to get there.

(Bob M) #25

It might have needed more time, which I did not have. I will try again this weekend, and I’ll take pictures so you can see the slabs of fat.

Well, something is making me slightly “ill” (for lack of a way to describe it). For lunch, I had beef and chicken livers, some of this fat, and blue cheese. This is a combination I don’t usually eat (haven’t had chicken livers in a log time), so I’m not sure what’s up. Will do more testing.

(Bob M) #26

So, I took the fat I had in the fridge and made tallow out of it.

I still have fat I froze. I will take a chunk of this and sous vide it at 145 or so, for 24 hours to see how that is. When I get beef heart with the fat on it, I leave the fat on the heart and sous vide at 145 for 24 hours. This makes the fat edible. If I sous vide at a lower temp, say 133, the fat is too hard.

I’m trying to fast this week, but I’ll get back to this topic sometime over the weekend.

(Old Baconian) #27

If I eat past satiety, I get a slightly queasy feeling—sometimes more than “slightly,” if I really overdo it. Could that have been it?

Oh, and thanks for that link to Peter’s carnivore post. It was definitely worth reading again. He is a climber; I don’t know if he lifts weights as well. I love the clarity of his thinking, although sometimes his posts get so abstruse that I am lost.

(Bob M) #28

“Sometimes”? :wink: I understand about 1/3 of what is on his site.

I don’t know about the illness. It was temporary. I’m going through a 4.5 day fast this week, but then plan on doing more testing with fat. I’ll let you know whether this pops up again. I do know that in the past, if I’ve eaten too much fat, I have had issues. But we’ll see. I want to compare high P:E (where “E = fat”) and low P:E and see what happens. I think higher protein, lower fat will “win” for me, but I’ve been surprised before.

(Old Baconian) #29

Protein/Energy ratio means protein as a proportion of total caloric intake. So you have to factor that into your calculations.

(Kristen Ann) #30

Helpful post @Ilana_Rose!

(mole person) #31

@kaclp oh, good! I’m glad you saw it. I kept meaning to add a link to your fat thread. I only recently discovered this technique a couple of weeks ago!


Do you think an oven at 170F would work? My oven doesn’t go any lower, sigh.

(David Jackson) #33

Season liberally with salt and pepper and place under the broiler element of your oven or on a high heat grill with your protein. Cut chunks off and eat with (or without) bites of protein.

(mole person) #34

It might. I’ll give it a try and let you know.


So, just to make sure I’m following this correctly, do you guys eat raw beef fat and raw suet? I know there is a difference between raw beef muscle meat fat and beef suet although the guy at the store calls any beef fat suet. I’m curious to give this a try cooked like @Ilana_Rose said and also raw. I’m trying to keep my carnivore eating macros like they were when I was doing keto
close to 80% fat, 20% protein but I also find, that too much rendered fats can make me kinda queasy.


Bob, are you eating actual raw suet or is it raw beef fat? I can get raw suet from my meat guy but not beef fat, at least not so far. I’m still looking around my area.

(Katie) #37

I have noticed that rendered fats from meats (like tallow, grease, drippings) upset my stomach, whereas suet does not.

(Katie) #38

I know a couple of people who eat suet raw, but they make sure that it is well-sourced.


Suet. I don’t have a local supply for good suet so I order it until I can find someone closer to home.

I also hit a local butcher shop for beef fat trimmings. Those I like to fry up and eat.
The suet I love raw.


Yep. I get that sometimes, too. The suet doesn’t effect me that way at all.