How to build muscle?

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Ok, got my workout in and the way I did it was probably mentioned to me in this thread but I did the same weight but 15 reps instead of 12. On my leg Press I think it’s called, I could easily do 15 reps so I added weight from 60 up to 85. I was able to do 15 reps at that weight but a better workout. The Smith machine/squat rack I up’d my reps to 15 and got a good workout on that as well. I really was puffin and resting at least a minute between reps but I am pretty sure I’ll have atleast a bit of soreness :wink:

It felt really good to have to work a bit harder so I appreciate everything people are sharing. Also my friend “buff” hunk Roger was down there always yacks with me and had recommended I try 15 reps, and if that went well/easy, then go ahead any up the weight and just do 10 -12. I should have kept notes but I will day after tomorrow since I’ll rest one day in between for now :wink:

PS I also upping my meat/fish intake to 6 ounces instead of just 4, need to fuel to build muscle, that I know :slight_smile:

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I also just realized, duh, I have to change my “goals” in my tracking!! They’ve been set to “lose fat” and I’m pretty much there. So I’m starting my tracking today after the new “settings” I choose for gaining muscle/weight. I haven’t looked yet, but yesterday I ate 1700 total calories and my Pie Chart looks really good! Mostly Fat, then plenty of protein, and low carb. I ate a whole chuck roast that weighed at .76 of a lb but of course it was shrunken up from slow-cooker, I felt too full after eating but walked 10 minutes to help that.

PS a lot of fat on the meat but I ate all of it, lol, oink!


Well that’s more like it… 6oz is so tiny!
1 lbs is tiny too if you ask me (it looks tiny I mean and it’s usually easy to eat if I fancy it) but I still don’t always eat as much in one sitting. But it’s fine, I have more meals (even if I still think OMAD is the way, at least on many days, I don’t want it every day if my body doesn’t!).
Of course we all have different needs and other things and we don’t get protein only from meat, at least not most of us!

And chuck isn’t so fatty (it is fatty but not among the fattiest cuts) and you need fat too so it’s very right to eat it! I will have pork shoulder tomorrow, that’s way fattier :slight_smile: (No idea how much as I saw various data and different looking slabs… That’s why I can’t track even remotely accurately, I eat fatty pork with a mystery fat content.) I need to be quite careful with it…

Today I have very slightly aching muscles, yep, it was long ago that I did a proper full workout… But this is the norm from now on :slight_smile:

When do you have your next workout? :slight_smile: I can’t wait for my next one, I am burning with desire to do better than last time but I need my muscles to regenerate… Sometimes they need more than 1-2 days…

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Isn’t that 12 oz?? .76 of a lb? Maybe I miscalculated plus the fact it sure felt like double 6 oz, LOL!

Yes, I wasn’t scared to eat the fat, I knew it we way good for my keto macros :wink:


12oz sounds right for that, I calculate these things way too many times, why can’t all the world use SI as every decent countries do? Though cups are way, way worse as they say very little about the actual amount.

I made some scratching-like thing (once I looked up definitions and they are too specific for my purposes. maybe I shouldn’t care as the right Hungarian word have a somewhat limited definition online too, we don’t use the word only for that) from the fattiest part of the pork shoulder slab. So much fat! But I have lard for weeks now :wink:
I am completely lost about my fat macro at this point.
If I wanted to gain muscle and not losing fat, I probably would eat as much as I wanted. Or almost. I wouldn’t gain fat anyway, I need serious overeating for that and I don’t do that anymore. It must be so much harder for people who need some specific calorie surplus. I don’t know my energy need, how could I? I have a vague guess based on my ancient times when I lost fat but it might have changed. I am even more active and exercise have an extra calorie need I can’t really have much idea about. It’s all a mystery. I only now how very little I need to eat for fat-loss (and I don’t do that).

Now I have a new theory (more like a silly thought, I don’t really believe in this). My body only wants to keep this weight but that very much (I was lighter for long but then stress gain came and never left, it’s my new normal weight). I need to get waaaaay more muscular and all will be well. I don’t think it would be realistic though, I am around 75 kg and I really doubt I could get almost 20kg in muscle and bone strengthening or whatever else is there.
It kind of helps that I don’t have much control on my eating, I don’t need to decide my goal, I will eat much anyway. I just need to train properly on my inevitably high fat high protein diet. It would be a big waste not to!

I have a bigger muscle ache as yesterday so Tuesday will be my next workout day!

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I’ve really been having some soreness next day after work-outs so I know I’m doing much better. I haven’t been tracking, but I haven’t felt super tired either, in fact I still go for a 30 minute walk after dinner, even on workout days. I’m liking the every other day routine. Also, I’ve branched out to more free-weights, and also doing more reps (15 now instead of 12) and 2 even or more exercises for the same muscle (s). The variety is making it much more interesting. I’ve also learned how to use the kettle balls so added those in.

One exercise I’m doing with the pulley is a pull-down with a lunge. I don’t remember lunges working so well for quads and butt “but” I’m been really feeling the changes! I do have a bit of a balance issue with those but I am finishing my sets & reps, improved a lot since first day of those. Trying a chest-press with lunge which I haven’t got that one yet but won’t give up.

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One of the joys of a home gym is not having to own a dumbbell rack.
I put plates away though.
Pic after today’s workout, ready for the next one.

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And you can set up ready for the next day to save time too, great for early morning training :grin:

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I don’t have a lot of room in an apartment, and my other concern is if I’ll do as much work if I quit the gym. It really, for me, is getting a little tedious not getting to use what I want, when I want at the gym, plus taking up to much space and time so others have to wait. If I could go at the right time, every time, it’s almost empty down there though so I need to try that before I do something like start getting home-equipment that will give enough workout. I’ve made a lot of progress in just the last 2 weeks. PS I wouldn’t mind saving the cost of the gym either, and having my own space here at home.


My “home gym” is part of our antechamber (but there are no walls between it and 2 other rooms so it’s airy. I don’t like small closed spaces), I definitely can’t just let my dumbbells lay around randomly… Or have too many of them. I have 3 (I use 2 for my triceps exercise now - with very different weights, my left triceps is weak as a newborn kitten, apparently - and one for my back exercise) and 2 sets of very light ones below my chest press bench (as those are tiny and fits there).
I only have my barbell, dumbbells and bench, nothing else. I have a tree I could hang from if my weak arms could hold my big body…

And I want a stationary bike, we probably will buy one very soon. But that must go to a bedroom. Probably mine as my SO has tons of computer hardware lying around so his room looks like a room of a low-key hoarder. He cycles a lot anyway.

I wondered about going to a proper gym but there are humans there… And it’s 45-50km extra cycling… I am lazier than that. But as long as I put actual effort into my workout at home, it should be fine. I am improving now, very slowly but still.

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Right now, one of my fave exercises is a chest-press w/a lunge, alternating legs. I’ve found lunges to be the very best workout for my legs (glutes). I’m like working upper and lower body exercises together like that one. My gym membership just renewed so I will stick with it another month while kind of looking around for a good way to get as much “workout” at home.

Another issue I have is downstairs neighbors so I can’t be dropping weights, which I never do at the gym either. I’ve been looking for another place to live for some time, and will keep on doing that as well. Maybe get more room, and a bottom-floor apartment :wink:

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I am super impressed with your combining chest presses with lunges! That also takes some balance, which means good for your core.

(Denise) #93

yes, I’m found out how much I need to work on my balance come to think of it, lol :wink: Those are the chest-press with the pullies too Robin, should have mentioned that but not sure there is another way. I like either using the one-arm pull down with the lunge too.

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Balance has become more of an issues for most of us as we age. And the simple exercise of paying attention and being aware in the moment is just as important as staying strong.
Good for us!