How to build muscle?

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Right now dude, as of yesterday actually, I am not doing anything but my normal meals, and water w/electrolytes, no kind of supplements except Tsp of turmeric in my coffee. I was taking some like collagen, C, Zinc. I just want to try and get all I can from my foods right now. That doesn’t mean I won’t add in supps later, I just wasn’t feeling good, and felt maybe something I was taking extra was messing me up. I don’t believe I have a bug.

But, all your info is very welcome and I will look into your suggestions (your way of doing things) as I can learn something from everyone that shares their methods. I’ve been told numerous times, that I don’t look my age, I look much older, LOLLLLLLL, just kidding. And comparatively speaking, I don’t have a lot in common as far as physical activities with others my age, even younger. But I still know the fact is, my body is still 7 decades old so I am very careful and will find my way with the weights.

I don’t care for the fact that to up my weights on some of the equipment, I have to add a whole 10 lbs. It too heavy for me on some. We have a new pulley machine that has smaller increments of weight but the pulleys aren’t as smooth on that one. May ask the owner about that, like can they be oiled etc.

I’m big on walking/walks just to keep me moving, even on rainy days. I easily do a 4 mile an hour walk but usually just 30 min. I think my protein is pretty high, and I even now do bigger portions since starting the gym 7 or so months ago. I love my Salmon (wildcaught Alaskan) and my red meats are usually the cheaper cuts like round steak. I eat chicken, and pork as well, a side of brocoli or cauliflower, spinach (baby spinach cooked with eggs and sausage, cheese)

I do throw in a tsp of flaxseed, chia seed and nutritional yeast in the a.m. breakfast. I can’t remember what all I put in my OP right now but I am 5’2", small bones and losing from 140 down to 110 in 2 years of keto, left me with some loose skin and look skinny, even though my muscle seems in tact.

Ok that’s way more than I planned on writing :crazy_face: I do very slow workouts, focus on the muscle I want to work, and listen to my body. I appreciate all you shared because that was what I wanted to hear, how others are building muscle. I think everyone has to find their training routine, but the basics of nutritional needs, and not over-doing, or under-doing workouts. I do know after exerting myself just a little more helped me sleep so good lastnight, and today will be close to the same routine :wink:

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I wonder if “failure” is used to mean, “ok I can’t do another” because I think that makes more sense.

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That’s what it means to me.

Caveat: I had prolapses in my mid-50s. I don’t now whether weight training had anything to do with it, but I don’t do weights any more.

I think yoga can build muscles, but I really don’t enjoy it. I’m a big believer in stretching, and I do lots of yoga-type stretches. But an hour of yoga, no. I’ve had to find other things that I do enjoy (at least somewhat). If I don’t like it, I won’t do it.

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I had to look that up but that sounds awful! I’m sorry laurie :worried: I’m hoping with my new doctor I can learn more about my body, and what kind of shape I’m in for sure. A lot of things have never been addressed like my spleen issue, and some other things as well. I guess I’ll find out whether a new doc will be better or not :wink:

I do a lot of reading and viewing videos to educate myself, especially on alternative medicine.


I employ Pareto’s Law. the 80/20 rule. 20% of your effort will produce 80 percent of the results. Low reps (5) and about 5 sets with heavy weight will build strength. You will get stronger with no after-pain but little muscle gain. With more reps and less weight, you will build more muscle and have sore muscles the next day. Your form has to take priority in the beginning. Also, make sure you eat lots of protein. As we get older our ability to harvest protein decreases. Minimum 1.5 grams per kg of body weight. For example, if you weigh, 60 kg then eat 90 grams of protein.

Trap Bar on Monday
Chest Press Tuesday
Deadlift Wednesday
Light chest on Thursday
Light deadlift on Friday
The weekend is for rest or cardio or even walking

The exercises above cover about 90% of all muscle groups and can be completed in under an hour.

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That’s one of the problems with the term being used tbh, some interpret it as being just that but that’s when problems occur.

“Failure” in this context should mean when you cannot complete any more reps with proper form, not literally cannot complete any more reps.

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You do one single exercise each of 5 days? I can look up the terms you use that I am unfamiliar with but working out every day but Sat. Sun. sounds good to me. I think I could do it anyway :wink:

I’ve often heard that doing 3 sets/reps that work the same muscles is good, but I don’t do that basically.

I’ll list what I am doing:

All but Smith Machine is using pulley weights, all with 3 sets with 12 reps:

Donkey kicks
Smith Machine squats
Tri-cep Rope
single arm lat pull-down
leg press & hack squat

I do another but couldn’t find what it is called. You grab a pulley on the left and the right step forward a bit and lean and pull together in front of your chest. Just looking up names on “cable charts” showed me a bunch more I could add in :laughing:

I do need to learn the names for sure :wink:


Yes. I keep it simple. This covers about 90% of all of the bases. I will only add weight (10lbs) If I can complete all sets sucessfully. I also work on balance issues as the 5 leading cause of death over the age of 75 is from a fall. Get your form perfect and use free weights. Helps with balance.


I always thought failure means that I totally TRY to do it and can’t. Sometimes I reach that but sometimes I just… Can’t bring myself to try. I fear I lose my spirit before my muscles actually give up but sometimes I get winded, sometimes I am not so hopeful, cheerful and can’t care enough… IDK how one should do but I only can do how I do :slight_smile: It should be good enough. I am a hedonist, I only do what I like to do (unless it’s just way too vital), I need to push myself as much as I am willing to go :D. I already don’t do leg exercises as I don’t like them but it’s quite fine for me.

But if I do something right (well no), it’s protein. I am trying to minimize it but I just can’t keep it even at 3g/kg for LBM now, apparently :sob: I already had a >200g day in 2023 and I am not really active now. Sigh. How you people eat little protein?! (Rhetorical question.)

My plan is doing 2 (or 3 if I can) full body workouts a week. It always sounded best for me. I would get super bored if I had multiple exercises for the same muscle group though I did some giga workout for my shoulders once :smiley:
And I walk, that’s important, I would never have energy to exist let alone to do my workouts without my walks.
I do 3 sets with whatever reps I can. My plan is 12-10-8 (it makes perfect sense to me that even with my long rests, my numbers go down as my muscles get more tired), when I reach that, I raise the weight by 0.5-1 kg, it depends. It’s a big enough raise for me. Some of my weights are 4.5 kg, I can’t raise it by much… But I prefer 1kg as I can put 0.5kg on both ends. 1 kg is a lot, it easily drops my reps spectacularly.

I do my workouts at home so no machines. Just dumbbells and a barbell :slight_smile: I have more than enough weights for a while (unless I decide on leg exercises but I won’t).

Yours is pretty different from it though…

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yes, you have to try but simply can’t, or, the last one you did, you barely made it = Failure in my opinion.

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I’ve heard it both ways, pulleys are as effective or free-weights are most effective. Really, the only thing I have against free-weights, to be honest, is the “changing” of the weights, argggg!! But I could look at that as part of the workout :wink: I would really like to see more considerate people using the free-weight area since there’s always some muscle-bound person leaving weights on a dumbell are barbell thats too heavy for me to even change out :crazy_face:


I never go to failure. Muscles are sore for 2 or 3 days after. Yes you will build more bulk/muscle but that is not my goal. I prioritize strength over bulk in general. I will still build muscle, but not as big or as fast.


So I am not just the only lazy one who has problems with such a lil thing :smiley: I do it, no big deal but I am annoyed inside illogically much. The barbell is the worst as I use it for biceps, shoulders (currently the same weight but the latter usually needs more) and chest. I am sooo waiting for the time when I can put on the two 5kg weights and let them there… I still need to change the weights but at least those can stay there…
At least I have 3 barbells I only need to change when I get stronger…

But of course, these are my own weights, that helps :wink: My SO rarely uses them, only for chest press and he needs about the same weight (a tad more, actually but I won’t change weights for him and he doesn’t care so much. anyway, he gets bored while waiting so we do it at the same time, I mean, he uses it when I rest between reps and vice versa).


IDK what I am doing but I don’t get sore muscles and I don’t improve. But I appreciate if I do something with my weights at this point.
It’s odd though. I did about the same all the time and I had a time period when I improved pretty quickly and later almost not at all.
I hope I have more muscle than when I started, I actually see it on my biceps but it’s not measurable so it’s almost nothing still, after years. I am not good at it but at least I am pretty stubborn. And my weights did get heavier, still very little, of course.

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I prioritize it because I like being more shapely since right now I resemble a toothpick with a couple a couple or so , the “or so” being my head :slightly_smiling_face:

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I say it’s the people before us that are lazy :wink:


The body needs to be stressed to get stronger. You need to increase the weight. Its that simple. When you can successfully do all reps and sets you gradually increase the weight -10lbs.


Doing the same amount of weight week after week and expecting a different result never works. Ever.


I wish more people would want arms not resembling more or less thick noodles! So many pretty women, celebs and actors so they are looked at by so many people doesn’t want shapely arms.
I do want them. And I am basically a hermit.

Buyt until about 40, I couldn’t care less. I appreciated shapely people but me? I didn’t care about myself. And then suddenly I decided I want muscles. And now I heroically struggle with my laziness. At least I find the exercises mildly fun. Except the leg ones I never do and the biceps exercises are so very very hard during the whole time (the others are only that hard in the end or not even that, it’s odd, I can’t do more but it doesn’t feel a strong strain) but I focus on them so much, they must be shapely and bigger, I even see their improvement easily (my extra fat is elsewhere, not on my arms :D). So motivation helps there.
But even if it’s not fun, it’s definitely not boring :smiley: I can’t stand boredom. 1 exercise per muscle group and 12-10-8 or less reps is the most I am willing to do.


I use the right weights. If I add just 0,5kg, I get 3 reps or something. Okay, for 0.5 maybe 5.
I keep changing the weights if I go over 12 or below 6 as it’s not right then.