How NOT to give spammers a click to a bitly URL

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #1

From time to time we get spammers posting links disguised by bitly. You can usually spot these guys because they pepper multiple topics with the same ‘click bait’ blurb and bitly link. Don’t give them the satisfaction of a click. A dead giveaway is someone does this within a few minutes of joining the forum. Then the only time you ever see them again is when they post another link disguised by bitly.

If you want to preview the bitly link without donating a click to the spammer do the following. Copy/paste the bitly llink into another browser tab and add a + sign to the end of the link. For example:

For the link just enter into your browser

You’ll be sent to a preview page for the link. You will see what it is and the spammer doesn’t get a click from you. Better yet, ignore a bitly link and flag the post as possible spam.

Finally, don’t use bitly on the forum. Post direct links.

(Susan) #2

Good advice, Michael =). I always report them and don’t click, but that is a great alternative as well =).

(Hyperbole- best thing in the universe!) #3

Hey, great tip with the +. I didn’t know about that. Sometimes I click on links when I’m not sure if something is spam to investigate it and I hate the idea that I’m giving them clicks when I do so.


Good Call, REAL people (who aren’t spammers) don’t use shortened URLs. I think at this point EVERYBODY should also have things like uBlock origin and Privacy badger addons on their browser to protect them from 90% of the stuff going around. I block most of that stuff at the network level and it’s nothing short of scary how many outbound request are blocked that have NOTHING to do with my browsing!