How much to eat - newbie

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I’ve been trying to eat more intuitively for the last few days instead of counting the macros- so that I can try to let go of my obsession with calories!

Question: As long as the pee sticks still show at least trace pink, does that mean I’m still in ketosis and so not eating too many carbs?

I am still keeping an eye on carbs (in cheese/ cream etc) but if I have say, a salad with a bit of tomato, wasn’t really counting it specifically, though the sticks still turn at least light pink !

And Will I still become fat adapted in the normal way?

I know that’s more basis but is that an ok way to do it until I get the initiative eating down?

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Count carbs! The fastest way to sabotage yourself is to think you can guestimate what you’re eating. You can’t. Guestimate is just another word for wishful thinking. It is vital to stay in ketosis consistently for at least the first several months. Don’t rely on so-called ‘pee sticks’ to confirm whether or not you’re in ketosis. Instead rely on knowing exactly how many carbs you eat. Look up food profiles on the USDA nutrient database. I think you will be very surprised to see just how many carbs are contained in various foods, even the ones you think/wish don’t. This doesn’t have to be some huge onerous obligation you impose upon yourself. But I think it’s very helpful to know what you’re eating more precisely than simply ‘low carb…’ and then wonder why keto doesn’t work. Keto does work only as long as you remain consistently in ketosis.


Basicallty I agree except maybe the horrible tracking (I did it though as I had to in order to ensure I am low enough. now I don’t need it as my keto style is way less carby now while my body handles more than minimal carbs well) and IDK what it means “it works”, ketosis alone isn’t enough for everyone, sometimes we should skip certain food groups, less carbs work way better… Some people are fine anywhere and some feel better with more than minimal carbs…

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The point of a well-formulated ketogenic diet is to eat in a way that keeps insulin as low as possible for as much of the day as possible. Eating in such a way allows insulin-resistance, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and many other metabolic conditions to heal, or at least prevents them from getting worse. The reasoning behind this way of eating is that elevated blood sugar and insulin are both detrimental to the human body (in a number of ways) over time, so that eating in a way that keeps those levels low is helpful to the body.

Diet advice from the hundred years before the introduction of the governmental dietary guidelines tended to note simply that (as “every woman knows”) sugar, grains, and starches are fattening and should be avoided, while leafy greens and certain other vegetables don’t appear to be a problem, so you could eat as much as you wanted of them. Fruits, being sugary, and tubers, being starchy, were to be avoided.

This advice may still be relevant for healthy people, but so many people these days suffer from metabolic disease that some attention to exactly how much carbohydrate we are eating may be warranted. The upper limit on carb intake recommended on these forums, 20 g/day, was set by the Two Keto Dudes to provide success to the vast majority of people undertaking this way of eating, with the understanding that people with really bad insulin-resistance may have to lower their carb intake even further.

If you find that your health improves by eating less than 20 g/day of carbohydrate, then that is the desired effect (fat loss is merely one of the very pleasant side-effects of this way of eating). Your body may very well be able to tolerate a higher level of carbohydrate intake than 20 g/day, but we strongly recommend waiting until you are fully keto-adapted before you begin to explore where your carb threshold actually lies. It is possible that, once you are accustomed to eating this way, you may not even desire to increase your carb intake above 20 g/day.

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Cutting the carbs to 11-15g a day has seemed to work over the past few days! My blood sugar level, which usually sits at 5.2-5.6 is now 4.8!
I’m assuming this must be a good thing unless it goes down beyond 3!
So thanks for the tips!

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I have completely normal glucose and insulin sensitivity. See my glucose hit:

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Wow I didn’t know it could be that low but only from what I’ve read. It had gone back up to 5.8 a bit later but that was after a drink. It’s exciting seeing it go down though… and I know you don’t agree but I do like seeing the keto sticks go a darker pink too :grinning:

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If you are feeding your brain with ketones, you don’t need nearly as much glucose in your blood stream.

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Hello. I didn’t read through this thread, however, I’m sure you’ve gotten a ton of great information. When I started, I happily ate three meals a day although I never had before, and after 2-3 weeks, I found I didn’t have the appetite for as much food. I had a bp coffee like you, and that would hold me until dinner. I never counted calories or measured ketones or weighed myself, except when I went to the doctor. My main focus was keeping the carbs less than 20/day, eating to satiety, and not snacking. I love food, but I kept my meals simple - usually a pan seared large piece of meat and maybe a vegetable in butter or bacon grease. Delicious!

Although it seems counterintuitive based on everything we had known about “dieting,” do not count calories. Keep the carbs as low as you can.

You don’t have much to lose and I don’t know if you will lose it quickly or slowly. Try not to be concerned about how fast it is coming off and don’t hyperfocus on what you weigh. Just keep feeling satisfied with your food and allow it to happen in its time. A lot of positive changes are occurring in your body, even though you can’t see them. There are so many more benefits than just weight loss.

Good luck!

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Thanks for this. I’m trying not to worry about the scales and focus more on the weight - but I must admit that going into week 6 I’m a bit concerned about not losing any weight since week 1. I’ve just stayed the same or gone up a pound and lost it again. I’m obviously doing something wrong but I’m not sure what.

I don’t have a lot to lose in terms of lbs but I do have a lot of excess fat around my back and waist that should (I think) have dropped even a tiny bit.
I’m not sure why there’s been not even any loss of inches to make up for scales loss.
I’ve kept my carbs lower this week- 11g average (total not net).
I’ve read a few things that say that keto doesn’t work for women over 40 with hypothyroidism… (which is me) but I know people on here disagree…. Ive also read That a keto/ alkaline approach might help, but carbs would be higher… or bringing down fat and upping protein… I think I’ve read too many articles!! So it’s a bit difficult working out what the ‘right’ answer is.
I do love this way of eating so it’s quite frustrating that the results don’t seem to follow! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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*health benefits

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6 weeks, that’s 1 1/2 months. I know it seems like a long time but when you look back 6 months from now or a year, or more, you will recognize it was diddly. You lost water weight the first week by depleting glycogen. Your metabolism is holding onto your remaining fat because it ‘thinks’ it needs it. And maybe it does. Who knows? Women seem to have more difficulty losing fat, especially the last 10-15-20 pounds. Your hormones are more complicated and when broke take longer to fix. Generally. Just stay the course, keep the carbs as low as you can - you’re doing great now! - and if nothing changes in 6 months by then you’ll be better able to figure out what to mod. Don’t despair. You’re on the right course. Best wishes.

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Hello, I am a woman, 64 and hypothyroid and a lot of other medical issues. I started keto 3 years ago and have lost 80 pounds. I am 5’7" and started at 230. I have been at 150 for quite awhile now and I am feeling so many better health benefits. I had thought I wanted to get to 135 but I don’t think my body wants me to. :smile: I look skinny to everyone and my face doesn’t need to get any thinner. I am wearing small sizes.
Just hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. This is a WOE for life. We all have different health problems that our body needs to focus on. Good Luck and keep asking questions…we are all here to help!

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Just an idea if you want to do something- to ease the feeling of impatience or whatever -
For your body to burn fat, your insulin needs to drop low enough. Possibly you are not burning through all your food, glucose and glycogen overnight before having that big coffee of 350 calories ( cream and MCT oil). Just an idea but you could try having black coffee, having only a dash of cream, delaying the creamy coffee until some hours later after a black coffee in the morning, or some version of this. I can almost feel my internal gears changing when I try this.

Another idea is to introduce a little body weight strength program you can do at home- I started with beginner push-ups on kitchen bench alternating with air squats. 5 minutes and done yet it makes a difference over months.

You’ve already made great progress, so well done and stay healthy!

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Thanks! I’m definitely going to try this! I do just have cream first thing but I’ll definitely see if this makes a different!

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Thanks for this. This all makes sense. I am focusing on the other benefits for sure. I do really enjoy the WOE and definitely the best thing about it is that I don’t crave food as much as I used to, which is just great!

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Thanks. I do wonder if my body is just sick to death of yet another diet… :joy: I was reading something the other day that said bodies actually benefit from being slightly overweight… so maybe I’ll cling to that :joy:


6 weeks is nothing. But keto doesn’t guarantees fat-loss even if someone is actually fat, did I wrote this here before…? Possibly. Extreme low-carb seems to help me but fat-loss, well that only happened once, -1kg and that’s it… It’s complicated, really. MAYBE you do something wrong but it’s not sure at all at this point. If you get benefits, I think that’s already great (keto alone didn’t really give me anything beyond fat adaptation but I don’t need keto to keep it as far as I can tell. but I ate more carbs than you, at your level even I get great benefits but my chosen food items matters a lot too, not just my macros), be patient but if you continue not losing for much longer, you probably need to change something…
The first months are special anyway. Your body gets used to being in ketosis, various changes are made… Maybe your body even feel a tiny stress, “omg, changes happened, what is it?” and does something not completely logical just looking your food intake? I don’t know but changes are happening for a while and it takes a longer time for many of us to lose even if we do it right. Especially with less to lose or as female etc.

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That’s me almost to a T - I’m 62, 5’7", started at 230 and am currently 160. My goal is 150. Keto is a miracle!!! Best! (Don’t want to hijack this thread.)

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Actually, I bet your body is thanking you for going keto! You are doing it a great service by adopting this WOE. You will see it and feel it as you continue.