How much Olive oil is too much?

(mike) #1

I’m currently a 6’1 male that is very underweight at 133lbs looking to keto for help to manage a form of vasculitis that I have. I’ve managed to use keto in the past to lower my inflammatory markers. I spent about a year off of keto eating a pretty clean Paleo diet only adding in white rice as an illegal carb. My recent blood work had me really concerned with high potassium and crappier kidney markers so I turned back to keto for help. My problem is that when eating a regular carb AIP diet every clean carb source is high in potassium. So I thought hopefully if I could find a way to fill my caloric intake with fat again then I could lower my markers. Thankfully it has worked but currently still losing weight. I would start to eat more vegetables and such to fill the calorie gap but that would add in far more potassium. So I started doing like 8-9tbs of olive oil a day but that still might not be enough. Was wondering if anyone else has some insight on an issue like this? I am currently working with doctors for the disease but they do not have any type of insight on diet or keto.

(Katie) #2

One of the Doctors I watch has said that he considers every meal a great excuse to put more olive oil in his mouth. I doubt that what you propose is “too much” … if there is even such a thing.

(Carl Keller) #3

Instead of pure oil, why not add in more saturated fat from fatty proteins like steak, pork and chicken? Protein along with fat will do much more to satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs than just oil. Some oil is fine but we may as well enjoy the calories we spend on something we can sink our teeth into.

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I’ve made shakes for one of my kiddos.
I used canned coconut milk (the whole can), am avacado, and 6tbsp peanut butter. It yields about 2 cups worth, for a whopping 600 calories. High in fat, low in carbs.

I also drink a cup of heavy cream (the lowest carb ones I can find) with some MCT powder. That gives me about 500 calories.

(Full Metal Keto) #5

You need fatty meat and some more fatty meat, if you want to gain weight don’t focus on vegetables, in fact minimize them. If you eat dairy add cheese butter and heavy cream. Eggs! Coconut oil is great too. I would also do something to build muscle and increase bone mass like weights. And I would not focus on olive oil as a main fat source, it has it’s place in keto but saturated fats are king.

(Christian) #6

I am also underweight (BMI 18). My whole life before Keto I was always slim and could eat as much as I wanted without gaining much weight. The variance was at most 2-3 kg. Since one year now I am on ketogenic diet to resolve other metabolic problems and have lost 3-4 kg with respect to my medium. There is no way for me to gain weight eating whatsoever. There is only one exception: alcohol, and that’s a very bad solution :wink:
So I simply accept my fate as long as I am feeling good and there is no other problem besides the number on the scale. All these recommended weights reflect nothing else than the high carb culture in our countries.

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Have you tried increasing your proteins and fats more to try to gain weight? I wish I could transfer some of the weight I want to lose to you! I just hope it is okay for health you being underweight? Maybe if you increase calories, you can gain weight? I know it is hard to discuss this stuff with doctors, since most of them are not pro-Keto.

(Christian) #12

I am following the recommended ketogenic diet, i.e. substitute carbs for healthy fat and keep the proteins more or less at the same level as before. I eat until satisfied and believe to be unable to overeat on this diet. Overeating works for me only with high carbs, low fat and alcohol.

(Christian) #13

Sorry, I’ve forgotten to reply to your title question concerning olive oil. Dr. Paul Mason from explains in a video available on his homepage that olive oil is healthy in any quantity (-> “Low Carb Eating - An introduction to the science …”).

(Mom to kids who eat bacon & butter) #14

So how much are you actually eating, fat, protein, and carb wise?

(Bob M) #15

The only RCT I know of for olive oil showed no benefit in heart disease and actually a detriment. It’s an older study comparing a “normal diet” with olive oil and I think corn oil.

I personally think we shouldn’t be drinking oils. They are not natural. I do use them, for salads and the like, but I do not believe they confer health benefits.

(It's all about the bacon, baby) #16

To put on muscle, you probably want to increase your protein and to make sure that the meat you eat contains the essential branched-chain amino acids leucine, iso-leucine, and valine. Then fill in calories with fat to satiety. Increasing carbohydrate will, as you undoubtedly know already (but I’m putting it in anyway, because who knows who will be reading this), increase your body fat, which is not ideal for anyone.

(Christian) #17

I actually don’t count macros. I can make some examples of what I am typically eating the day:

25 gr. pure coconut oil with some drops of oregano oil (80% cavacrol) against inflammation/yeast in duodenum
~0.5 l mild green Sencha tea

2-3 eggs with bacon, tomatoes and cheese in olive oil or tallow, I eat all the grease
Avocado with added olive oil, tomato, garlic :slight_smile: low-carb bread

When it’s hot in summer a big mixed salad with greek Feta or mozzarella and plenty of olive oil
perhaps accompanied by a piece of meat or fish.
If there isn’t enough fat I add butter with herbs or souce hollandaise made at home.
In winter some recipe from or other LCHF site.
If still hungry some cheese afterwards.

When hungry between the meal times:
fat greek yoghurt (10% fat) with - in summer - a small amount of not sweet berries
almond butter

Drinks during the day
0.5 - 1l green tea
0.5 - 1l black tea
0 - 0.5l coffee
of course water.

(Mom to kids who eat bacon & butter) #18

It sounds like you may not be getting enough fat or protein. It may be worth tracking for a week or so just to see what you are actually consuming. Additionally, it may be worth adding a fatty cream drink in, if you really need the fast. Just be careful with which cream you use! Some brands have many more carbs than others.