How many carbs a day

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Hi everyone, How many carbs a day do you all eat ? :yum:

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10-15 grams.

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When I began keto, I kept it just under 20 and had to track it to be sure. As I got comfortable, I quit counting. Over time, I have gradually eliminated more and more foods and carnivore about 95% of the time. Occasionally when I am out or there is a special occasion, I’ll include veggies or cheese in moderation. I doubt I have gone over 10 in the last year.


Completely depends on each person and what their goals are, just getting a number tells you nothing. People usually start at 20g, some people stay there forever. Active people can get away with more. I do a Targeted/Cyclic Keto hybrid and take in carbs pre/post workout so my numbers are much higher.

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I consider myself a carnivore, but there are incidental carbs in a lot of foods. Most days, I’d say less than 5/day. That, however, suits my taste preference. I prefer fat and meat over vegetables, so it’s not a stretch to keep it to that. Some people struggle with not having at least some vegetables or variety, I guess.

How/what do you like to eat?


I started with 40g net and probably often 100g total (never counted as it never seemed important at all for me and it would have been way harder than tracking the net carbs, I have my limits), it was enough for fat adaptation but gave me no other benefits (compared to my previous low-carb woe that was better than high-carb).
Later I could go lower. Now I eat 3-20g on a good, carnivore day, it may be a bit higher on carnivore-ish and potentially even higher if I eat carnivore courses then I add some fruits (whatever is in season. I have this relationship with my own fruits, no way to resist them but a little is enough)… And this is total. I go off keto all the time just like before but as I don’t like eating much carbs, my normal food is better, it’s usually still low-carb.
This lower amount is way better especially if I only eat once a day most of the time but the latter is new development. But as I went from vegetarian keto to carnivore-ish, it’s probably not just the carbs.

You probably should figure out what works best for you. But 20g carbs is the quite safe amount so it’s advisable in the beginning if one can pull it off. It was plain impossible for me even after years of low-carb as I needed way more for my veggies. I barely can fit into 20g on carnivore on carbier days (not like I try, I couldn’t care less about my carb intake on carnivore, it never seemed to matter), with more than minimal plants it’s plain impossible for me but many people manages it, fascinating.


I don’t track or measure but I estimate I would be at 50-75g net carbs most days. My carbs mostly come from vegetables, dairy milk, nuts, condiments/ cooking ingredients like tomato paste or balsamic vinegar or sometimes keto desserts. I am happy with my current weight, energy levels, exercise regime, general wellbeing and importantly my mental health, and feel fortunate my eating plan is pretty easy for me. I accept that if I was less healthy I would likely have to reduce carbs a lot to achieve the same result, and I’m open to doing that if/when the time comes. I was a bit overweight starting keto and have been much stricter in the past. But the main result I have sought is to better manage addictive eating and bingeing - seems to be working well so far.

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Yesterday apparently 134g, but I’ve been doing this for a lot of years and extremely active. There’s no way I would’ve gone so high in the early days, back then I was strictly under 20g. Actually feel better since I’ve been giving myself higher carb days here and there, and my goal is muscle gains now rather than fat loss.

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Awesome that you have come to that point where you and your body trust each other… and only want what’s best for both.


wow but thru hard work and learning on you, point blank you are healing and discovering you…but watch out :wink:

but if you know you and are walking this path to what works best, then ya got’er whipped!


nice to read someone is more healed and can bob and weave and change a bit and that is what alot of us hope! So many of us are not there and can’t be tho.


Between15-25 net carbs

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Maybe 5 or 10. I don’t eat vegetables or nuts, but I get a few carbs in eggs, liver, ham, yogurt, and condiments.

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Oh I am doing don’t worry, constantly watching and monitoring. Still losing fat slowly, although there’s not much to lose now so it’s really not an issue for me, and gaining muscle well. There have been a couple of times I’ve noticed unwanted changes but they’re easily fixed by tightening up for a few weeks before reintroducing higher carb days here and there.

I’ve found nothing burns through carbs better than a ten mile bike ride :rofl:


That’ll do it :slight_smile:

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Ten mile bike ride. Get it!

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Same here, except not carnivore. Tracked stricly for the first year (< 20 carbs) and then stopped tracking. I focus on protein, fat and some non-starchy veggies just because I like them or as seasonings to my protein dishes. No need to track after nearly 4 years - it’s just the way I eat now everyday.