How long to fast for autophagy?

(BuckRimfire) #21

Enjoyed my breakfast of a protein shake: 350 mL chicken bone broth, 100 grams 5% Fage yogurt, a large pinch of nutritional yeast for flavor, a small pinch of salt, 25 mL olive oil and 25 g whey protein powder.

In an hour I’ll start cooking my second breakfast of sirloin steak, sauteed broccoli, and a few fried eggs garnished with guacamole.

(Doug) #22

For starting/increasing autophagy, fasting is the way to go, versus eating, although if eating it does matter what one eats. The amino acid leucine is the single most powerful suppresser of autophagy, and in general protein is more anti-autophagy than carbohydrates, which are more than fats.

If the only thing one eats is fat, then I think there’s a pretty good argument that you won’t be stopping autophagy, or if so, then not much. One is using fat when fasting, so if some of it comes in from the outside, so what? Eating fat raises insulin very little.

So, for example, coffee with fat in it… :+1::sunglasses:


I didn’t know these :slight_smile: I knew that fat is the least problematic but that’s it.
Not like I could eat much carbs without protein… It’s easier just to fast.
But eating pure fat just as crazy to me… I probably still could do a fat fast (90% fat, low-cal. I saw more protein-rich “fat fasts” but I can’t do such things as the protein reaches the amount where it triggers hunger and I can’t avoid eating much more) but that contains a little protein, my reason to do it has nothing to do with autophagy. I just hope that eventually I will be able to do EF again. Autophagy sounds too good since the first time I heard about it and even with the mystery around it, I want to give it some chance as long as it doesn’t cause me much discomfort. I can’t do forced fasts without some extremely good reason and I never had one.

(BuckRimfire) #24

Well, I followed through with my plan: We fasted Friday and went on a 4.7 mile walk (slowish, pace about 20 minutes per mile), did a shallow but thorough weights and abs workout, feasted on Saturday (no exercise), and repeated the fast, walk and workout on Sunday. Actually slightly longer and faster walk and slightly harder weight training Sunday, but close enough for jazz.

Whether this caused any autophagy, I can’t say, but my muscle definition might be slightly better. So, my vanity benefits, anyway!