How long before blood sugars normalize?

(James Clary) #1

Again, new here, have T2D and am two weeks in Keto. My sugars were probably at 500 when I started on 01/01/20. I did a 40 hours fast over the weekend and got as low as 176. How long does it typically take to get normal reading when following strict Keto couple with IF and a weekly 40 hour fast?


It’s going to depend on so many factors, based on the individual.

For me, the change was instantaneous. I was taking insulin based on BG trigger points, ranging from 140 to 200. Once I started keto, I never went above the 140 trigger point. I got rid of all of my insulin several years ago, after I hadn’t used any for about 6 months.

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Thank you! I’m now hovering around 150 which for me is great. I’m sure I will get a bit lower as I continue to eat right, exercise and fast. Appreciate your reply!