How long before a "whoosh"?



This sounds like a good test. Keep the protein high for you morning and not too much MCT oil.

When I was lifting hard 15 years ago, I would add 10g of dextrose to my post workout whey. I think whey is insulinogenic for most people, so the fact bodybuilders were using whey to help spike insulin seems unnecessary knowing what I know now. However, the carbs can definitely help with performance and it seems like that’s what is happening for you.

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Alright then. Good luck with the fat loss.


I only whoosh’d when I was in a dieting nightmare of insanity and believe me I loved those ‘controlled and manipulated and not real whoosh’s’ LOL

Water weight is what a whoosh is all about or a true long term starvation where the body has to give it up.

We all know, long term, slow weight loss over time is key while we change the mindset to adopt and feel wonderful on the menu plan you want for long term eating lifestyle.

So no whoosh unless ya eat up the carbs now, gain up like 6-7 lbs and whoosh off like 4-5 overnight and then you still gotta deal with those last 1-2 that will take longer to get rid of :slight_smile:

OK I am being snarky and funny on this but whoosh isn’t a real weight loss reality. It is a start on a new menu or it is thru controlled crazy that the big whoosh’s happen for most of us :slight_smile:

Best whoosh, never eat again or go on a reality show like Survivor or Biggest Loser or a show like Alone and let starvation hit ya full on and let it happen, you WILL whoosh down fast and again being funny here :slight_smile:


Some people whoosh… some people don’t…and I am not talking about dropping water weight after indulging in carbs.

I do observe a whoosh at times when I lose weight…i.e peeing a lot followed by a drop in scale weight.

In my experience and from reading other people’s experiences, it is impossible to predict how long it will take to whoosh (or if you will whoosh at all…as some people’s weight loss is more of a slow and steady one).

There is also no known way to trigger a whoosh…it just happens if and when your body decides it will happen.

That said, a commonly reported symptom of an impending whoosh is the fat under your skin feeling like little marbles. When I feel that…a whoosh usually happens in 1-8 weeks depending on how my fat loss efforts (maintaining deficit, exercising etc) are going.


You could do the normal water pills or use Dandelion root 3x day, people typically do 1500mg when using it actively as a diuretic. You’ll definitely dump water, question is why are you holding it. If my fat was that high I’d have problems, I can’t loose fat with my fat intake past 100g at best, around 80g did a lot more for me. Is your sodium intake real high?

Also remember using the dextrose equals more muscle glycogen which absolutely shows on the scale, make sure you’re accounting for that since it’s not fat.


I would be one of those people. I found out the hard way a few months ago when I decided to up my protein intake to 1.5g per lb of lean mass, I did it with whey protein. I treated it as a something to add with a meal - so a shake with a fatty piece of meat and macadamia nuts.

My workouts got better and I put on a little weight and I was thinking “nice! I’m gaining muscle!”. Well… a DEXA scan told me that I gain a few pounds of fat.

Now I’ll take whey only after a workout where I know that I won’t have a meal for at least 1.5 hours.


I have a morning ketoaid with about 1/4 tsp pink Himalayan salt. If I’m feeling like it, I might put a few salt crystals on my before a workout or if I know that I’ll be skipping a meal. If I were to guess, I’m thinking well under 8g.

If you keep your fat that low, how many Calories do you consume a day? I know that you weight lift, so that amount of fat seems low to me… but I’m also the one struggling here.

True. So if I consume a tbl of dextrose which is about 14g (but have 2 tbls on leg days) and that attracts 4x it’s weight in water (14x4 = 64g), then that shouldn’t be too bad at 78g. Unless I’m thinking about this wrong.

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There is a whoosh the first days of keto. I think it is standard to argue this is the loss of glycogen reserves.

After that, what I see (I weight myself everyday, first thing in the morning after peeing, no clothes) is that often I have 2-3 days of stable, or even slightly increasing weight, and then one day, there is a significant loss of weight.

And so on.


My first macro I fill is my protein, so a lot of my calories are coming from there since that’s a must hit, I’m in a mini cut now so I’m running at a deficit for a few weeks but my proteins still at around 250-300g, my carbs around 60-80g between my pre/post and any that’s in the diet anyways and my fat around 60-80g. Normally I’m eating around 3k/day though. When my fat comes up obliviously the calories jump up real fast.

I think a lot of that is different for different people so I don’t take the x amount equals x water, plus depending on your meal timing around the workouts not all of it a guaranteed to be muscle glycogen either, but it’ll definitely be fuel for the workout either way, even on the leg days only around 30g isn’t a lot at all, on something like a leg day you’re incinerating that as fast as it’s being absorbed, and post it’ll definitely help the glycogen reload, it’s the one time that whole protein real close to the workout actually has some merit while the insulin is high.


Wow! 250-300g, you must be peeing like crazy to get that ammonia out of your system… Are you doing 2g per lb of LBM? If so, did you feel a difference going from 1.5g to 2g?

You’re the one that gave the advice to add dextrose to a post-workout. It really improved my lifting, so thanks very much!
I don’t take anything pre-workout and try to lift in a fasted state, usually whenever I could sneak in a lunch break, sometime between noon and 3pm. Trying to utilize some of that body fat to power my workouts.

But the post workout whey and dextrose is like rocket fuel! I feel amazing afterwards for about an hour and a half.


I go for a minimum of 1g/lb bodyweight. When bulking it’s upped because you’re training much harder, and when cutting because everything you’re doing is signaling that losing muscle would be a good idea. No extra peeing or ammonia problems. If you’re using it, you’re good. If you’re taking in way more than your body can do something with, that’s when you have those problems, or if you’re not drinking enough water which people are great for. If you’re gonna do 200+ grams of protein and do the whole “drink to thirst” thing, ya, I’d expect an ammonia problem.

YUP! Funny how that “evil” Whey and Insulin spiking Dextrose is such a positive ain’t it? :rofl: