How gradual are the keto benefits?

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Solanine, in particular.

There’s not too much in tomatoes, but some people are more sensitive than others are. Potatoes have been known to make people very sick, if they were not properly prepared (removing the eyes, cutting out all green bits, etc.)

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I have discovered that the cleaner my body gets the more sensitive it has become to the poisons I had once built a tolerance to.


Meanwhile the more carnivore-ish days I have, the more I can handle carbs on my off days, apparently… It never was particularly bad but I easily got sugar poisoned on/off keto (in the off phase, obviously though I felt the problem on keto too, even just when I ate a tiny bit of very sweet fruit. it couldn’t be actual sugar poisoning but it felt similar for a little while) while I just can’t get that now even if I eat really high-carb (for me, now, at least) for several days. I don’t feel as great as with way less carbs but it’s not that bad and a big part of it is the overeating, that doesn’t always feel good. Well, it does on carnivore but that’s just for one day, I am not that fragile that a single not forced double calorie day would feel bad!
I am very sensitive to the worst carbs though, the ones I pretty much avoid since ages but occasionally taste it. But most carbs are okay-ish even in big amounts. I feel some negative effect (even beyond the overeating) but I don’t get the ultimate horrible sugar poisoning effect, the slight bellyache (if I ever had more, I would be super careful, I hate pain and discomfort). Sadly, I don’t get turned off as effectively as in the past. I just get bored with carbs eventually and carni food is better anyway (maybe with some rare exceptions but I need to be in the right state for that too)… It’s more like about variety, maybe freedom…
After my always too carby December I need to go back to train, to strengthen my carnivore habits…

I never was sensitive to edible things except very much carbs, that wasn’t okay after I showed my body what low-carb looks like… But even that got better, apparently. I feel the tiny differences but I don’t get unwell.

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Yes, a baked potato makes me feel quite ill! And l particularly liked the skin so l guess there is an increase chance of green bits, etc.
@Geezy56 what you say makes sense re the sensitivity of your body . I am much more intolerant to some foods than l used to be