How eating Keto affects a woman's hormones and her monthly visitor

(Nicole Sawchuk) #121

Well guess what - 3 days from sore boobs to my visitor who was again 4 days early. That’s twice in a row my cycle is less than 26 days in length. Its pissing me off! I am done my child bearing years so I would prefer is the length between them increased not decreased!

Positive - other than slightly sore boobs, again no other symptoms until bam it was there!


I’m going on 7 or 8 days now with sore boobs and still no period. I usually get it around the 3rd or 4th of the month and I don’t have any symptoms other than extreme hunger.

(Jenn Monaghan) #123

Sore boobs are also a sign of pregnancy!


hopefully not with tube tied!


I thought I’d reply here instead of starting a whole new topic. I’m on day 29 of my keto journey and day 27 of my cycle. I should be getting my period any time between tomorrow and Thursday (cycles range from 28-31 days) and today I’m suffering from EXTREME hunger. I almost think I’m hungrier and having more intense cravings than my pre-keto PMS days, which seems odd to me. And this is all happening just as I was starting to think “wow, I’m extra full after meals, and can go a long time without food, and I have practically zero cravings” aka thought I was becoming fat adapted LOL can anybody else sympathize?? I know every person is different, and hormones vary, but it’s taking all of my willpower not to eat every low carb food in my house at the moment and I’m feeling crazy!!

(Heather Daggett) #126

I get the same cravings. 4 months in to Keto and it happens every month. I usually just indulge the cravings and eat any Keto food I want for a whole day. Tons of cheese and Keto desserts and pork rinds. I feel pretty gross the next day and don’t repeat it. Put on a pound or two that comes right back off. I feel like it’s easier than struggling against the urges. Especially on the weekends.

(Liz ) #127

I got this before Keto and I still do, 11 months in. I call it “bottomless pit syndrome”. I just eat all the Keto foods until it abates, I figure my body knows what it needs. The day my period starts my appetite vanishes so it all evens out.

I figure this is a natural way to “mix it up” as Megan Ramos suggests, to keep the body guessing and keep from falling into homeostasis where your body gets used to the same amounts of calories coming in and so gets in a weight loss rut.


Thank you both @LizinLowell and @heatherdaggett ! I’m following the same game plan, not straying from my keto foods but eating according to my hunger and satiety signals. It’s interesting, when I really thought about what sounded good (instead of just mindlessly going into my fridge) I realized that what I really wanted was red meat! So, I had a big portion of flank steak last night that really hit the spot. I can’t help but wonder if it’s my body’s way of telling me that I’ll be losing some iron soon so I better store up?? Anyways, thanks again for the input, at the very least I’m not going to fret over it and KCKO! :slight_smile:

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Don’t know either, but it would certainly make sense. We need a lot more women scientists, so that these sorts of issues can get investigated. I hate to disparage my own sex, but the guy scientists just don’t seem to think of it. :frowning:


OMG…My breasts got so sore and then I skipped a period. My husband was convinced that I was pregnant…Took 3 pregnancy test in the space of a week! LOL. Have a 17 year old daughter who I love…Not sure I need to start over with a little baby though!

(Trina) #131

Q, I’m on bc for contraceptive reasons and am 2 1/2 weeks into Keto, I am not looking to lose much, if any weight, but I saw previously mentioned that fat burning releases eostragen and I don’t know if it’s going to mess with my pill. My first Keto period was last week and it was a day earlier than normal and painful cramps for the first day which is unusual.
Should probably speak to my dr?

(Sharon) #132

OH MY GOODNESS! Thank you for posting this. I have been in menopause for 6 months. My last period was a year and a half ago. I’ve been on Keto for 5 weeks. MY PERIOD CAME BACK YESTERDAY!!! I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THAT! I had an easy menopause. I was worried that it came back. It was good to read this. I feel less anxious about the return of my period. I just hope it doesn’t last long. I’m 58 years old! Enough already! LOL


I started keto and had my copper IUD removed at around the same time, so I can’t really say it was all keto, but my periods are MUCH shorter and easier now, and my PMS is greatly reduced. I do think the PMS issue is directly tied to keto, since I wasn’t on any hormones.

(Annalee Haley) #134

I still have an attitude, but I don’t retain water or have cravings.

(Irian) #135

Definitely second the red meat cravings … Normally a week in advance at least, this time with a lot of Fasting only the day before … funnily enough no chocolate cravings at all this time, might be all the ketoaid and magnesium baths I have been having the last month - I would be seriously surprised if I was magnesium deficient right now!

(Kim Craig) #136

Im 51 and have been KetoDiet fo approx 6 months. My periods seem to be getting closer together and heavier. I’m also experiencing some quite funky smelling discharge…any one else??

(Autumn Elizabeth) #137

This is exactly what I’m dealing with !!! Have you gone back to normal ?

(Jennifer Duggan) #138

Hello Ladies!!

I am a 32 year old mama at my whits end at the moment. I am currently starting my 2nd week of a mentrual cycle. I have fibroids and I am on birth control pills. My second week of Keto I began spotting and it has turned into a full blown cycle that won’t end it seems. I am now starting my 4th week of Keto. I love it and I feel I’ve come too far to stop now. I just wanted to know if I am alone in this?? Or have others experienced the same or similar issues. And will it stop eventually when I’m fat adapted? I am just looking for answers. Any positive responses are appreciated.

(Jeannie Oliver) #139

I cannot find anything to substantiate my theory, but I believe that rapidly using our body fat can cause us to have more estrogen circulating and thereby cause a heavy menstrual flow. If anyone knows of research to back me up, please let us all know. IMHO, outside the areas of fertility and pregnancy, few scientists are motivated to research women’s hormones.

(CJ Young) #140

Hey, i can’t give any Keto specific advice seeing as I just started keto myself but I have very heavy periods that last for weeks. So much so that I’ve had blood transfusions because of it.

I’ve found that sometimes I can’t get them to stop (and birth control literally never helped at all) but I can get them to lighten up a bit with a few supplements. Personally there is a tea I drink made from something called Lady’s Mantle and I take drops in my water three times a day of something called Shepherd’s Purse. I know there are some other things that can help as well, other natural remedies.

While those two things don’t stop it right away they do slow it down so I don’t feel as faint and don’t have to be hospitalized. Honestly my doctor isn’t convinced by them. However she is the one that suggested I go on a low carb diet. She said that might be all I need to regulate my hormones since other medical intervention has not worked. She didn’t say Keto, I made that choice on my own, but I’m hoping there is something to low carb and regulating hormones/periods.

Also, if your period continues on and you start to feel you heart rate elevate suddenly or if you can check your blood pressure to make sure it’s not cycling up and down too quickly. Both can be signs that you’ve lost too much blood and may need medical intervention. I lost 40% of my blood one time before I went to the hospital. They didn’t take me seriously either when I said I was bleeding too heavily, I had to tell them my heart was messed up for them to take me seriously. Just a warning, I feel like a lot of women don’t realize that prolonged bleeding can be very dangerous.