How do I zero these?

(Bob M) #1

How do I zero these?


Thank you.


Look at them one by one.

(Robin) #3

You just have to scroll to the end of each one, even if you do not want to read. There may be a way to do it as an admin, but I don’t know how yet. @PaulL ???

(Bacon is better) #4

If you click on your avatar, there is a Dismiss option at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

By the way, the green number indicates private messages to you. You might actually want to look at them.

The blue-grey number is the number of posts that mention you or are replies to posts you have made. That number seems to reset itself every time I look at that drop-down menu, even if I don’t click Dismiss. I can’t tell you exactly how it gets reset, because I hardly pay attention to it.

(Allie) #5

Turn off notifications?

(Alec) #6

Why don’t you just leave them increasing? I have over 50,000 unread emails in gmail, and some of my friends are very impressed by that! :joy::joy::joy: