How can you delete your profile in this site?


Need to delete my profile in here how do I do so?

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I don’t see a profile pic for you, did you figure out how to delete it?

It’s under settings > account

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I don’t see that were I was expecting to see it, according to this thread:

Jeff Atwood, discourse lead developers, say the admins can delete a user. A user may only delete herself if she’s posted one or less times.

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I misread her post, I thought she said she wanted to delete her profile PIC

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You need to ask an admin. Here are a few:

@Daisy @tdseest @devhammer @richard @carl

With a bit of luck one of them will wander by and help you out.


As far as I am aware, it gets a little tricky once someone has been in the community for a while. You can simply leave, I think we may be able to delete you but your posts will remain. It is a community forum and you cannot really just wipe out content unless you have only recently joined and only have a couple of comments logged. I will ask in the admin chat how best to “delete” an account.

There is a delete button which I can hit on your account - is that what you want me to do? It will delete and block your IP.

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However, they’re supposed to be anonymised automatically upon deletion of a user’s account, according to the stuff I read on the Discourse forum a couple of weeks ago.


The comments? Yes quite possibly - that would make sense wouldn’t it if the member no longer existed in the group.

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Yeah, it’s to preserve the flow of the thread while removing any connection to the deleted user.


I have a feeling that member accounts can also go grey like they do on Facebook. I’m not entirely sure which option works with which type of exit. Either way deletion is possible should you want it @Mmfamily68. Please confirm here or message me and I will sort it.