How best to print out a topic

(Mike) #1

I am one of those people that enjoy reading the printed page. And since I love this forum, I find that I enjoy printing topics (and all replies) and taking the pages to a nearby coffee shop for an enjoyable time of reading.

Having “said” this, I would like to know the best way to get a topic into print. I have tried the copy/paste method, placing the copied text/images into MS Word but with longer posts I never get all of the text pasted even though I get all of it copied… for some reason it just partial copies. Also, at times the images are huge and I have to reduce them each individually. It takes quite a bit of work.

Does anyone know a better way to get an entire topic printed? You may ask … why not just use the print option in my browser. I have tried that … and oftentimes get lots and lots of blank pages …

I use Firefox or Chrome … maybe there is a plugin that will help but I have not found one yet.


(Allie) #2

Right mouse click, select print.

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #3

I use a Mac OS and I must first select all the posts I want to print. Correct, if I want to print the entire topic I must first select the entire topic. This creates a file that downloads to my computer where I can then print said file to my physical printer.

Why on earth would I do this? I have an iPod - not even a phone! - which is the size of an index card that can connect to the Internet wherever there is an Internet connection. I can carry my iPod in a pants pocket. Not only can I connect to Ketogeneic Forums - and every topic therein! - but every other site on the Internet I want to.

Meanwhile, you’re shuffling your paper sheets at the coffee shop and totally unaware that another post or 2 or 3 or more have been made that makes the topic even more - or less - relevant to your interests in it. I just don’t get it…

(Mike) #4

That is not working for me at all… right click doesn’t even give the option to print, and printing through my browser leaves tons of blank pages.

(Mike) #5

I like to highlight and make notes on paper, that’s why.


The blank pages might be because the pages lazy load (so posts appear as you scroll down). Topics with lots of images might also sit on pages non-optimally, leaving lots of whitespace.

If you append a topic link with /print in the URL bar, it should force the print stylesheet to appear if it’s not working through your browser.

Try it with a long topic like: Ferocious Fix February - Carnivore Challenge (Fit it In - Fit in It! ) Feb 2022 - does that work for you?


I tried this got the message Opps the page does not exist.

I did not put a space before the /print, should you do that? I’d love to be able to print out whole topics as well but I would do it to a pdf file.


Ah, I can see what’s happened. To explain, the URL is formed of:

domain =
thread = /t
thread title = /how-best-to-print-out-a-topic
thread number = /113396
post number = /NUMBER

Post number only shows if you’ve read part of the thread - it’s the software logging which post you’re up to.

It’s important to remove the /NUMBER at the end (or you can just scroll back up to the top of the thread and wait a couple of seconds - you’ll see it disappear from the URL bar).

So for example:

This will work: /t/how-best-to-print-out-a-topic/113396/print

But if I leave the post number of ‘/3’ in, it will not: t/how-best-to-print-out-a-topic/113396/3/print

(Allie) #9

Strange as it works easily for me in Chrome.

(Karen) #10

I would enjoy doing exactly what you like to do as I hate reading off the phone or computer. My eyes always end up aching and then when I take my specs off I can’t see a thing because my eyes have just got so tired. I can imagine sitting in a nice coffee shop reading the printouts just like other people read a newspaper… very relaxing. Some posts are so long on this forum that even with specs on my eyes are blurring before I have got to the end of the post. Bit of an age thing going on no doubt :wink:

(Mike) #11

Fabulous info! This explains why my copy-paste kept grabbing only a very small number of thread replies …

This worked like a charm! Thanks much!!


(KCKO, KCFO) #12

I tried your method and did get it to print. The trick is to make sure you are next to the topic, not right clicking on any characters. I use Chrome so felt it should work and it did.

This is going to be very handy in the recipe section, all the chaffle recipes at once. :waffle::waffle::waffle:


You’re very welcome; I’m pleased it worked for you.

Happy reading!