Horrible assembly at work today

(bambiying2) #1

I’m a teacher. We had an assembly today where 3 guys came in and rapped and danced onstage while discussing nutrition. I wanted to shoot myself in the head. They must have said a dozen times to always go for the low fat version of foods, always drink juice because it has way less sugar than soda and iced tea, eat lots of fruits and whole grains. I felt like getting up on stage and telling the 300 kids in the room that it was all lies and that I have just lost 44 pounds doing the exact opposite of what these guys were preaching. Stop telling them lies!!!

(matt ) #2

I’m not sure which is more wrong…the nutrition advice or the fact they were rapping about nutrition period.

(Jennie) #3

Keto rap group. You know, to fix the bad info rapping nutritionists.

Ima get kicked out aren’t I?

(AnnaLeeThal) #4

No, I think you might get promoted.

(Eric Richardson) #5

MC Bacon in da house.

(Hungry Julie) #6

I think you might be on to something here.


Not out of ketosis at least! And since you didn’t link to a YouTube of yourself rapping, I’ll let it slide. This time. :wink:

(jilliebean1973) #8

Oh please make a video!


Who knows. Kids tend to do the opposite of what they are preached. Hopefully, the rap strategy backfires.

(Frida) #10

I totally feel your pain. I’m also a teacher in the UK and I believe a lot of children are ill-informed about proper nutritional advice. No wonder child obesity is on the rise.

(Kerri Hines) #11

Yo yo yo! DJ MCT in da houze! :joy:

(Dean) #12

Exactly, I can’t believe my daughters grade school menu, low fat everything and skim milk!! and of course pizza and more carbs

(jilliebean1973) #13

I tried to get even 2% milk for my kids but NOPE. Apparently the school lunch police say no. Oh well, cheaper to pack a bottle of milk that I know they will drink vs paying $.70 for something they won’t.

(melinda) #14

Since when is juice low sugar? Jesus, at least tell them to drink milk!

(James Slone) #15

Are we out of line to call this an example of "Nutritional Correctness?"
I dutifully followed the “official” food guidelines as handed down from the Dept. Of Agriculture. In spite my efforts, nothing worked. I carried a load of guilt and grief because I thought I was doing “right” and feeling like something was wrong with me.
At age 55, I discovered the truth. I could go on, but I think my point is obvious. The assembly is heart breaking and disgraceful.

(jilliangordona) #16

I am a teacher as well. Unfortunately this will not stop unless things are changed at the USDA level!

I explained to one of my classes how I ate one day. Many of them looked at my like I was crazy!

(ketohealthclub) #17

Gotta hit the kids where they live! When I was a kid I heard plenty of songs about nutrition (and other tropics) sung in the popular style of the day. And my partner still sings those songs from Schoolhouse Rock- LOL!

(ketohealthclub) #18

Well, we can’t shoot the messenger- we all learned the same stuff, and ended up here! We had personal motivation to relearn the dogma. It’s gonna be a grassroots effort that changes this tune. We’ll be the singers.

(Kathy Meyer) #19

Well, the DARE program didn’t stop kids from taking drugs, so maybe this program will backfire as well.

(Jennie) #20

It really is a depressing state when all of our “information” seems corrupted. I also felt awful about the fact that the “right” way of eating never satisfied my hunger and I would feel the need to overeat.
Maybe if we, as the Keto community, can change perceptions it will give this next generation a fighting chance.