Holidays 🤔

(Luke) #1

Hi guys.
I’m going on a 1 week trip overseas in a couple of months. I’ve thought from the beginning to just enjoy the trip eat the country’s cuisine and enjoy a few beers or cocktails ect , not stress about where to find keto options , and get back into my usual
Keto eating pattern on my return , after all it only takes me a couple of days to get the ketones moving again right? Just a question to anyone that has done it as I’m a beginner keto eater , what do I expect to feel like if I go from fairly deep ketosis to having a beer and a Nasi Goreng on my first day of holidays. I’m wondering what I will feel like or how my body will react. Anyone who has experienced this , I’d like to hear from you. Cheers!

(Laurie) #2

Whenever I go off plan, it leads to going completely off, perhaps for years. It could happen immediately (like an on-off switch), or it could happen gradually (e.g., one special occasion, then more and more often, until I’m a goner). For me, it’s better to just not go off keto in the first place.

I guess it depends on whether or not you’re a carb/food addict.

(Chuck) #3

That is what I am afraid of for myself

(Luke) #4

Thanks Laurie. I enjoy eating keto so I’m not to worried about getting back to it after my break , but wondered if the change back to carbs makes you feel ill at all , as I will be on holidays.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #5

If you plan to throw a lot of carbohydrate at your body after a significant time on keto, then it might be well to start a few days before the holiday. Some people have reported that they did not do well with the sudden increase in blood sugar, and it messed with their enjoyment of the trip.

If you are not a carb addict, then you will probably be able to return to a ketogenic diet afterward without too much trouble. But if you do find carbs addicting, then be careful. The effect of the trip might be like an alcoholic taking a wine-tasting tour of France.

(Luke) #6

Thanks Paul.


Anything from nothing to feeling totally awful I suppose :slight_smile: According to other people’s experiences.
It was pretty much varied in my own case too. I know what to do to make me sick (it needs accepting something super crappy sugary stuff from someone, I never would buy such things. it’s VERY effective, they bother even my sweets-lover high-carber SO!), otherwise I can’t even predict so well but somewhat. But I don’t react like in the beginning but as I wasn’t so low-carb back then and still believed in not going high-carb from ketosis right away :smiley: That’s actually a good advice I suppose, I just don’t follow it and nothing happens as long as I don’t do something extremely wild and wrong. Okay, high-carb seems wild but not to my body, it depends on the actual carbs.

But it’s my body and I went off keto hundreds of times. And I never stayed away for long. A wild week would sugar poison me severely, I think, it did in the distant past. Carbs slowly add up, I had this at 100g carbs. On high-carb, 2 days would be enough I suppose. So I have a visit to higher-carb and come back immediately unless if it’s below my before-keto limit, 80g net. I can handle that for longer.
BUT some people can even go back to high-carb for several months so I suppose we don’t all have the body to pull us back… I burned the… not bridge, more like the permit to stay in the land when I went low-carb, all I can do is rare, short visits and it’s perfectly fine for me.

If I went to somewhere with some lovely cuisine… After 12 years on low-carb and some years on/off carnivore-ish, I couldn’t help but automatically would go for very low-carb items if possible. If someone would tempt me, I would eat that but it would be “some extra” as always, not my full meal. But again, it’s just me.
I still think SOME moderation is very very advisable… But maybe not for everyone. No one can know what will happen to you. Maybe start carefully in the case where your body is quite sensitive to getting back the carbs it potentially dislikes at this point? Mine has this behaviour, I have it less carbs, something clicked and it complains if I do more than some taste :smiley: I don’t get sick easily, it’s just more and more insistent nudges (and all the problems carbs trigger in my case, I am harder to get satiated and satisfied and I can eat huge amounts of food I don’t need. not fun. sometimes I don’t know if I feel the heavy feeling due to carbs or overeating) that I better listen to :wink:

I would drink a beer without thinking. Well, 1 dl beer, I changed on keto, can’t help it :smiley: But if it’s really good, maybe a half :wink:

And if I would overdo the first day, I would strongly desire carnivore for the next ones… Better to taste this and that all the time but I stick to my more normal food. I can handle some plants with them, no problem.

Nasi Goreng sounds good! I talk about myself again but I can’t help I know myself best, even that isn’t perfect, there is variation… It has starches that I handle well. I have bigger problems with sugar. And it’s a proper food, I mean, not some store-bought treat with zillion odd ingredients…
Once I got carb-posioned after eating 100g rice (well that’s a lot, it was 350-400g boiled :D) but nowadays I am fine with starches. I know as if I make some really good bread, I eat a ton of it… But I feel nudges after half an apple sometimes. And it’s natural sugar with fibers and everything, sugary treats are way worse.

So I would carefully try things first, not going too wild. And if it works, I would be glad and wouldn’t go wilder if possible… But temptation is a valid reason, still be careful as it’s a bad holiday if you are in pain… And it happens to some after a carbier meal.

(Luke) #8

Thank you Shinita , you covered that well. I don’t think I will go wild on sugary treats or anything like that , it’s just I’m going to a country where rice is their staple and they eat small amounts of protein with it, so will hopefully feel ok on this. I don’t think it really bothers too many people , but thought I’d ask the question. Thanks for your time.

(Laurie) #9

Oh, rice! I lived in Korea for 5 years, and I hate rice. There were plenty of side dishes, and also meat meals (with rice as a side). Different restaurants specialized in different things.

You mentioned nasi goreng, so it sounds like you’re going to Indonesia. Not having been there myself, I’m guessing you’ll be able to eat “around” the rice, or order other foods. Most times anyway.

Enjoy your trip!

(Luke) #10

Thanks Laurie. Yes off to Indo. Been a few times and think I’ll just eat the rice. It seems to come with everything. Maybe some noodles at times. I don’t miss these foods , will defiantly find a steak somewhere at some stage. All the best. :+1:t2: