Holiday Fall Back

(Nick) #1

Hello Keto Friends,

So, I’ve been struggling with holiday fallout. True to what I’ve heard a small lapse in my keto habits has me almost full blown back into carbsville. I haven’t given up on keto I saw the results, and pushed myself down 50lbs. I’m looking for some support, the sweets are adding up and I’m fearful that the work I did was for nought. Has anyone else grappled with the post holiday gourging and how did you turn it around?

(Susan) #2

Hiya Nick.

There are two immediate solutions that pop in my head that probably would help you get back on track:

The first would be to do a Fast for a few days (48-72 hour water/black coffee/black tea/plain herbal tea). This will purge your body of the Toxic carbs and get you into Ketosis and then you can proceed with your 2-3 meals a day on Keto and get all sorted.

The second option that will also help a lot would be to go Zero Carb-Carnivore for about a week, then continue on your usual 2-3 meal a day Keto journey.

A third option (if the above two are too extreme or hard for you to manage) would be just to make sure you keep the carbs at 20 grams or less, no sugar, no sugar substitutes, and eat proteans and healthy fats, and use a free app like to make sure you are keeping your carbs low enough! Carbs are sneaky and can be very deceptive, and keeping them low is the key to success!

Best wishes in getting back on track and into Ketosis =).

(Paulene ) #3

Ditto to the suggestions from @Momof5.

The only thing I’d add is a short term intervention that is quite contentious issues on this forum - weight yourself daily for a week or 2, until you are comfortable back into the keto way of eating. I know from other forum posts that regular weighing is counter-productive for some people and I don’t believe it is a good habit in the long term. Change on the scales is a good short-term feedback loop which motivates me to try harder when I am getting back into keto - but I don’t rely on it for my mental well-being.

I don’t like tracking macros but I have started tracking carbs again after having a period off keto over Christmas, like @Momof5 suggested . Recording what I am eating makes me very aware of everything I am putting in my mouth. It’s a bit like cognitive behaviour therapy (but free!)

Good luck!

(John) #4

Dont be to hard on yourself. I would bet that more of us then will admit fall off during the holidays or just here and there. If you are t2d then it is more of an issue but for those of us that are just overweight I think the key is to just get back on that horse and keep trying to ride.


I was an expert at falling off the wagon long ago.
I fought like crazy with cravings and more and would do the holiday blowout of junky stuff and then have a very very long hard time to get back on plan.

So my 1 go to for always getting back on plan…the best that worked for me was eat. I ate the world in on plan food. I ate as much as I needed. Ate til very full. Ate all the time I needed at any given moment while trying to get back on plan and give up the carb draw.

It was the only way for me. I bought every single top food I loved. Finest meat and seafoods. I ate heavy. I ate wonderful. I made my fresh homemade alfredo sauce for my seafood, I made wonderful garlic butter sauces for my meats. I ate as desirable as I could. That is the only thing that would get me back on plan.

Cause it was like I feared food after my carb binges. It was like in the back of my mind it was ‘don’t eat anything!’ cause look at ya–you failed again! :frowning: ugh I was hard on me LOL

So the solution was not fear food but go all in and allow every darn good food on plan and eat up like crazy to just leave the junky food world behind me.

Hey it worked always for me LOL I hope maybe the info might help you :slight_smile: Years now out of the carb creep/crash/binge cycle thank goodness but I have to say it was so hard when I did fall. But that one trick worked best for me so I hope it might for someone else :slight_smile:

(Aimee) #6

Don’t worry, I fell off the wagon for three years!! I didn’t do it right the first time though. Cut out all carbs and sugar but no research, no support. I lost weight and was slim but then from eating about 300 cals a day I stopped and ate anything I could get my hands on. Now I’m on board and doing the research and yeah, have three years of eating crap to undo. Your back and that’s what counts :blush: