History of Aspartame


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But then G.D. Searle, producer of aspartame, made Donald Rumsfeld its CEO-yes, that Donald Rumsfeld. When Ronald Reagan took office and brought Rumsfeld with him as part of his transition team, a new FDA commissioner was appointed immediately. In one of his first acts as head of the federal agency, the new FDA commissioner approved aspartame, the artificial sweetener made by the company that Donald Rumsfeld was now the head of, over the objections of the FDA scientific board.

To recap once again, a nationally recognized expert on nutrition who says, in his extraordinarily frequent public appearances, that aspartame is safe, is paid by Ajinomoto and NutraSweet, the two largest producers of aspartame, to say that aspartame is safe. (And, this may be helpful for some of you, he’s also spoken about the safety of Olestra. Just, you know, fyi.) I said earlier that we were being misled in the name of corporate profits. Where do the profits come in? It is projected that the U.S. market for artificial sweeteners, with aspartame leading the charge, will be about $1.1 billion by 2010. That’s in this country, only; worldwide, it’s projected to be over $3 billion. That’s a lot of money for an easily concoted chemical.


There’s quite a long discussion of aspartame here. It doesn’t specifically address the history aspect. The sugar industry is not innocent of fear-mongering various sweeteners to further their own interests either.

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Aspartame is one of the most studied artificial sweeteners, a lot of studies done that didn’t have a certain agenda have shown aspartame is fine. A lot of other articles posted have shown the sugar industry bashing it with “cancer” for their own agenda. I’m not saying there can’t be health risks cause daily life can have health risks. But studies have shown a lot of the fear mongering articles to be nonsense!

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I remember reading Yudking’s book against sugar; He was also quite dismissive about the dangers of non caloric sweeteners; he confessed he liked zero sugar coke a lot. I took his position and ended up drinking quite a lot of sugar free coke. I would say that sugar free coke can be addictive as normal coke; it dose not increase weight on low carb diets but it may stall you; As I understand the body will release a first wave of insulin in seconds after the mouth detects something sweet (from Garry Taubes books)