HIIT, weightlifting or low-intensity cardio?

(David Brown) #21

No one is saying that you need to out run a bad diet. They are asking about exercise Info whilst on a keto diet. Sure you can burn fat without exercise. You can also drive your car with your feet if you want to but that doesn’t make it a good idea!!! Muscle needs an excuse to be there. Especially those people who have worked hard to gain additional muscle. If burning fat was that easy without exercise then why does ever person who makes a living from being lean and being in shape train hard when cutting up? The Answer is simple… It’s to produce the best body composition possible. But like I said, if that’s not important to you and you just want to lose a few pounds then you’ll be OK with just the diet. However, even on keto you need a calorie deficit to lose weight. You can’t just keep reducing calories every time your body adapts. Personally I think creating a deficit with exercises is better than cutting calories to a low level

(Liz Ellen) #22

I have lost 40 pounds in five months with minimal exercise and am close to having a BMI that is considered “overweight,” not “morbidly obese.” I’m finding as I shed my fat layers, I’m quite muscular underneath — due in no small part because I was having to support so much weight. Now that I’m not so burdened by my own mass, I’m naturally moving more. I opt for the stairs at work. I use my standing desk more. I went for a walk yesterday with a friend “for fun” and then played frisbee at dusk for more than an hour “for fun.” I think that more activity will follow as I feel better and better, but given what we know about exercise and its affects on hunger signaling (it can make you quite hungry and spur you to overeat), I’m good keeping it casual for now. I’d rather move for fun than staying on a strict regimen, anyway. My two cents.


I found it a lot easier to not eat 500kcal than to burn it off…

I always exercised and I still do, it makes me feel better and I feel I look better, at the same time hoping it’s doing its share to help my whole-body metabolism.
But maybe I see it from my the POV of losing weight on SAD and blaming it all on not exercising enough…once you figure out it was the food we were eating, it’s a lot easier to take exercise as a complement to food in our new-found quest towards healthz

(David Brown) #24

Off course you found it easier to not eat 500 over burning it off. I would much prefer to do that too!! Dropping calories to increase or take you to a new deficit level is OK until when? You hit zero calories? My sister example dropped down to 1000 and stayed there for months. This was against my advice and she is now metabolicy adjusted to this level. It’s going to take a careful reverse diet to effectively restore her metabolism back to an acceptable level. Most people don’t realise until its too late that they have become metabolically adjusted and wonder why when they finish a diet and return to their maintenance calorie level they pile it back on. My clients aside, I personally keto on 2300 calories and create great deficit with activities. That way when I reach my target body fat percentage my body isn’t desperately trying to restore itself and return to normal. The body is amazing how it naturally wants to restore your fat levels by being more efficient with the food your eating and signalling your brain to trick you with hunger hormones is astonishing. In a quest to stay trim we a fighting a losing battle from the start

(Karim Wassef) #25

Keto is not the same as caloric restriction.

The whole point is to not go back to the “exercise more, eat less” mentality that corrupts our health.

It breaks people’s metabolisms and keeps them depressed and unhealthy.

Even moderate exercise at 400lbs causes undue joint stress.

Exercise will come in time, but it’s not necessary and doesn’t really help much when you’re first opening access to body fat.


I’m with you, and I find the “exercise isn’t necessary” thing really frustrating, since a good exercise program supports fat loss specifically and health in general in so many ways, and it certainly takes us in the body comp direction that most people are usually looking for when they want to lose weight. At some point out of exasperation I started a thread on this (“Exercise is not an effective tool for weightloss” is nonsense.)

Unfortunately, many people have had really rough experiences using chronic cardio + poor diet and watching their waistline and their health go in the wrong direction, and “eat less, move more” is horribly misused, so exercise is often associated with all of that failure and negativity. Also, starting an exercise protocol just when asking the system to adjust to a new fuel source can be really tricky, but keto folks do seem to spontaneously start moving more once their metabolism has healed a bit and they’ve lost some weight.

(Carl Wiatzka) #27

I personally found that while I did lose a lot of weight on ketoin the beginning once I started light strength training it made me much more toned and even increased my energy levels overall.

I think that even if exercise doesn’t have a severe impact on weight loss itself it is still very important and one of the most healthy things we can do next to eating right .

(Karim Wassef) #28

I absolutely agree. I just think that exercise comes when you’re ready, not when someone tells you you should. Many of us end up overweight following the old ways of diet and exercise. Keto brings energy and each person will sense when they’re ready to be more active, but it doesn’t have to start with any exercise.

(Scott) #29

I am in my seventh week of an experiment where I increased my running to 30 miles a week and started strength training three times a week. I think my belly is getting smaller but kind of hard to tell. I can feel the increase in muscle mass yet have lost a pound and my body fat went from 20% to 19%. I feel really good and expect slow results because I am only six pounds or so from what I would call my ideal weight. I am enjoying the combination of keto and exercise.

(Muhammad Nasim) #30

I spent around 3 months extended water fasting with no exercise. A further 3 months keto omad with no exercise. I then felt energetic and phased in weight training (for body shape reasons).
I never used exercise to create a deficit and I think there are very few people who create a signigicant deficit by exercise.
I found that when I started weight training some days I needed more food so I ketod up the volume of food. Strength progressing nicely as well as the other markers.
So it made sense for me to add exercise when i was ready!