High Ketones, Very low Net Carbs, <600 Calories per day and stalled

(Allie) #21

Why on earth so low?? Keto is not meant to be starvation :astonished:


You’re in starvation, 600 calories isn’t enough for ANYBODY. Your body isn’t going to give up weight when it thinks you’re trying to kill yourself or too stupid to hit something in the head with a rock and eat it. Since it’s only been a month stop now before you do damage you can’t fix!

Ketone levels don’t matter, you’re talking about scaling things BACK?..from 600? Literally STOP!

Use this, pick fat loss, answer honestly and use that as your starting point. SLOWLY adjust from there if you need to, giving things at least a week at a time before you do.


Thanks to everyone for the advise and comments - After a long talk with myself and much more reading and thinking I am going to take the advice from seasoned pros and start packing in some calories and keep to under 20g carbs to start. Even though I literally had to push myself to eat last night. I have seen a lot of comments regarding the 600 average calories I was getting but for some reason once Ketosis kicked in after I started I was just not hungry at all. It took all I could do in the morning to eat a couple of eggs and bacon for breakfast. Looks like low carb and ketosis wont be a problem on this diet rather it will be the struggle of eating as much as i need to.
Not to stir this conversation up again but anyone have insight on energy bars like Quest to fill in some needed additional calories and protein? I actual eat one this morning and they are bad at all but then again I am probably missing something on this also lol

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Best to eat real food. These things are loaded with artificial sweeteners which cause digestive upsets for lots of people, and from my experience, they don’t taste great either.

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Please, eat real food to get real nutrition. Best wishes.


WHY can’t we be mixed? I so, so easily eat too much for me :smiley: I don’t even need to try or I may try not to and it happens…
I couldn’t give much advice on eating little but eating much? I have ideas. We all are different, of course but many of us have items we can easily eat very much from. Some food is more satiating than others. And there is timing. Even I had rare times where I got satiated super quickly to the point that more eating was impossible without forcing myself and I don’t do that unless I see no other options and I badly need the food (but it never happens). I simply ate whenever I could, as much as I could without force. If I had many meals a day, so be it, I knew and felt I needed the nutrients, I just was too satiated to eat most of the time. There are options, maybe different food choices and timing can help you. And it’s easy to imagine for me that you need some time to go back to some proper energy intake, I wouldn’t think it’s got to do it way too slowly but if you can’t eat 1500 kcal right away, fine, just eat as much as you can. It’s tricky as our mind could be happy with low calorie when we want to lose fat and you didn’t have the fear of undereating until now… Even if you decide to eat more, maybe some part of you doesn’t want that. But why I am talking about that? Do your best and we will see what happens :slight_smile: If you tell us what you eat, maybe we can have tips? I saw people (with eating disorders but probably diet advices or just habits can do it too) who wanted to eat more but they still went for some salad with lean protein and this food satiated them very, very well. Too well. Some very fatty bites might help. But it’s individual. I know all my non-satiating dense food I could eat if I wanted to eat a ton without carbs… Too bad I need the opposite but I know what to avoid now ;). I just need good timing on top of this and all will be well.
At least you don’t push OMAD like my underweight, undereating friend… Some people can eat big OMAD meals, others can’t.
Can you eat without hunger? Sometimes it takes a few bites to get enough hunger to eat a proper meal… So try a few bites now and then if you can eat even if you don’t feel the need. If the bites are serious and frequent enough, they already give you a decent amount of nutrients…
Try things.

I don’t know Quest bars. Unless they are very horrible (the others probably know if it’s the case though we are all differently choosy ;)), they are better than starving but it would be good to be able to eat a proper amount of proper food. Whatever it means for you. Different choosiness, again. I avoid too much processed meat but I am not against that if it makes life more comfortable. Until I couldn’t eat enough very proper meat, I used it more than in tiny amounts… Such bars are below processed meat in my eyes and the latter is tastier anyway (even without tasting the bars, I know it’s true for me)… I would rather eat nuts… Homemade chocolate (oh I so could overeat on keto using much chocolate. not ideal, just saying that it may bring calories galore if one is that type)… At least they only have a few ingredients I know, nothing fancy industrial who-knows-what. Or sweeteners, they are a can of worms. I am fine with “mine” (that I don’t even get near in January and hopefully I usually will stay away later as well) but they often cause problems and they aren’t food… (I can eat my own chocolate unsweetened but 1g erythritol wouldn’t harm me either. I don’t overdo amounts and sweetening but I do low-carb since ages.)

By the way, bars… I got a keto bar from Australia. Vegan. It was (hands down!) the most horrible tasting abomination I ever tasted (I had some super bitter medicine in my life where I had to eat and drink a lot of stuff afterwards to lose the awful mouthfeel… this thing was much, much worse). My friends liked it well enough… I never heard about a single sweetener that was tasty (well, not bad tasting, at least) for everyone. I saw people being all over a sweetener that I am unwilling to get near, it’s so very super horrible for me. Of course, we only need (or not need :)) one that we ourselves like and handle well.
Many sweetened item has MULTIPLE sweeteners. Big chance for having one we find bad (or our body dislikes or something).

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Many of us lose the compulsion to eat that we used to have. You just need to eat anyway. For me, I will have zero desire to eat, but once I start in, I kick into gear and enjoy it.

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Build up to it over time. You might do a forum search on “reverse dieting” to see if we have any useful info.

@robintemplin My experience of satiety on keto is that I stop wanting food while my stomach is probably half-full. So there’s room for more, but I have no need of it. When I was a carb burner, on the other hand, I’d eat pasta till my stomach was stretched almost to the bursting point, and still would want more.

My experience on keto is that satiety can be overridden by eating, which can stimulate appetite. This is the concept of the “appetiser.” And because there’s room, I can eat more (you can see why this would make evolutionary sense), but again there comes a point where I don’t want more food, room or not.

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I posted this on another thread. It’s something to consider when really restricting your calories.