Hi from the UK

(Rachael ) #1

Hi all! Migrated over here from FB. Just wanted to say hi from the UK! Looking forward to sharing any tips with everyone else!

(Ben) #2

Hi from East Yorkshire

(Cathy Schroder) #3

I grew up in London but live on a remote farm in deepest darkest Patchwollock Australia. If you’ve ever watched The League of Gentlemen (Royston Vasey) it will give you an idea of my life now!!

(Rachael ) #4

Hi Ben! How long have you been on keto for?

(Rachael ) #5

Haha! I have exactly the image in my head now!

(Cathy Schroder) #6

It even has a local shop for local people. Living here for 8 years does not afford me that status. I’m still known as a blow in!

(Ben) #7

Hi @Writersblock - since 20th March. Never looked back.

(Rachael ) #8

That’s fantastic! I’ve been doing it since the start of August and never felt better! :slight_smile:

(Ben) #9

Yes, it’s great isn’t it Rachael. I’ve lost over 3 stone and gone from “obese” to “normal”, and feel young and fit and healthy again.

(Nigel Williams) #10

Hi Fellow Brits

I read Gary Taubes book Christmas 2015. Started in Jan 2016. I was 14.5 stone and dropped to 13 stone in about 6 weeks. Not been able to get below that since. And up half a stone this Xmas. Being 50 I think I need to do weight exercise as I believe with age my muscles don’t work as well so excess protein goes to fat.

Although I enjoyed Christmas cake and mince pies I’m looking forward to cutting the carbs again and adding in weight lifting exercise.

Great to have this forum. Good luck to us all in 2017

(Laura Z) #11

Hi and Happy New year from Cardiff. I have, honestly, been in and out of Keto for a year. I have managed to remove 2 stone from my body although it’s a new year and it’s time to stay focused to meet my goals. Great to be here. Cheers:bacon:

(bulkbiker) #12

Hi All
from the south coast just outside Worthing
appy New Year to all let’s keep calm and keto on 2017 style…


Hi from Wiltshire. I’ve been keto on&off since Jan 2015, and have lost about 22kg. I say on & off as I’ve unfortunately dropped off the keto wagon a couple of times, I seem to do about 6 months on before getting slack and spending a couple of months off.

I’m a trail runner as a hobby, I’ve done many fasted half marathons, and a couple of marathons with just bits of meat/cheese as fuel. Longest so far was a 50k which I did on 100g of parmesan and 3 sachets of exogenous ketones (though this was just a crutch, I prefer cheese/meat or nothing but water).

(Mark ) #14

Hi from Pontefract, west yorks, keeping calm and ketoing on, I’ve lost 2 1/2 st since 30th oct 2016. Kicking in 2017 I’m hoping to throw a couple of half marathons in this year.