Hi Carb Plus High Fat

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I think this is true. I tested a targeted keto diet (TKD) with 100 grams of carbs in a day, the first meal after a long body weight work out. (I usually eat about 3 hours after my workout.) I felt fine. The next day, when I did not work out, I again tested 100 grams of carbs in my first meal. I felt terrible. Lethargic, hungry, tired, etc.

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The difference is that carbohydrate/glucose has a highly stimulating effect on insulin (think of a bear eating berries to fatten up for the winter; the insulin causes the carbohydrate to be stored as fat, and it also blocks the satiety hormones from reaching the brain, keeping the bear hungry, so it can eat more), whereas fat has no effect on insulin secretion, beyond the bare minimum needed to sustain life. So an excess of fat can easily be excreted on a low-carbodydrate, ketogenic diet, since there is no insulin elevation to cause the fat to be stored.

Of course, if you eat your fat with carbohydrates (in other words, if you eat processed foods), that’s a very different story. . . .


Of course it’s not so easy as I seriously overate all the time on HCHF and still didn’t gain more than 1kg per year… While some people gain fat on carnivore or keto, it may be forced fat eating but happens, allegedly and makes sense. These are the special cases but I like those.

What I don’t get is how and why the body decides on doing something (and what) with excess calories when insulin is low. It seems it’s quite individual. I may understand wasting precious energy from food when the body doesn’t need it (as mine did it all my life. I suppose my metabolism just quickened up as fatty poop sounds less normal and healthy) but some seem to throw out even more precious fat reserves without a reason. Lucky. Or IDK. My body surely never would do that.
But I don’t even have hotness or sweating if I eat high protein, obviously that is individual too.

And the body is smart enough to store fat on keto when it’s needed, right? I can’t imagine not to. So there is a way, it’s just not us normal people’s problem :smiley: