Hi all 😁

(Luke) #1

Hi everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I was reading through the keto chats and learning so much I thought I would sign up. Thank you for all the information so far , I’m new to Keto , I started late December last year after over doing Xmas and have broken the diet twice since for celebrations , which were 1 day each. I’m finding it quite good , I started the diet primarily to see if it helped with anxiety which it has so far. I’m also just a bit more level headed if you know what I mean. I’ve lost about 3kg even though I didn’t have loads of weight to lose , which is a bonus. I’ve never eaten so many vegetables , so I’m eating so much cleaner than ever , and feeling healthy. I’m not counting macros or anything I’m just going along with it and I have checked I’m in ketosis twice with the ketone meter, both times around 1.0 so something is happening. I take MCT oil daily and an electrolyte drink daily, I’m not bouncing off the walls but it’s early days and I do feel healthier in general for not eating junk. Cheers , thanks for having me.

(B Creighton) #2

Hey Luke and welcome.
Just a heads up. Usually those first 5 pounds or so are glycogen and water weight. After that your ketones kick in, and you are beginning to burn fat. Heads up 2 - lots of times starting on keto depletes your minerals, which tend to go out with the water. Sometimes this gives people what is called “keto flu.” To avoid that supplement with some electrolytes - magnesium, zinc, etc for at least 2 weeks.

(Robin) #3

Welcome. There are SO many benefits with keto. Both physical and mental. Stay the course and keep us in the loop.
You got this.

(Max Scotthorne) #4

Hi Luke, I’m new to keto too. As a fellow anxiety sufferer I am hoping the diet may help this as it is mainly related to my weight. I have lost around 3kg in the last couple of weeks (I do have a lot to lose).

How is the MCT oil working out? I have thought about adding this to my daily routine but haven’t made the leap yet.

(Luke) #5

Hi Max , being really new to this myself , it’s hard to comment to much on the supplements , but I was told the MCT helps you get into ketosis by keeping your fats up , so I take it. It’s very agreeable to take and doesn’t have a taste and I believe it gives me a bit of a energy boost shortly after I take it. My anxiety feels a lot better just from not having sugar in my system , I’m a lot calmer and although a feel a bit sluggish being new to keto , I’m more focused. I’m liking how it makes me feel so far. Also I’m not medicated at all for my anxiety at the minute so that’s saying something after 15 years of SSRI’s. Good luck on your journey mate , I hope it works well for you.

(Max Scotthorne) #6

Currently I am on medication so ill slowly see how that affects stuff. If you dont mind me asking do you go to a shop for the MCT or do you get it from Amazon?

(Luke) #7

Hi again Max. Yes stay on your meds I had weened myself off mine over a few months prior to starting keto, but talk to your doc if you plan to do the same. My MCT oil came from chemist warehouse I’m in Australia it’s called Melrose MCT kick start , you may be able to find it online. I just take about a table spoon of it once a day when I’m feeling a bit flat and it also helps get you through until meal time , if you are trying not to snack. Hope this helps.

(Max Scotthorne) #8

Thanks Luke I’ll let you know how I get on. I have a review with my doctor next month.

(Luke) #9

Sounds good Max. Chat soon.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #10

Although a great many people adopt a ketogenic diet as a fat-loss strategy, the diet is really more about weight-normalisation. Some people even put on lean mass while shedding fat. Since you aren’t fussed about the number on your scale, enjoy the body recomposition. The mental and metabolic health benefits are even more important, however, in my experience. Keep us informed about your progress, please.

There is beginning to be evidence that a ketogenic diet can be a useful treatment for a number of mental and neurological symptoms. As Dr. Chris Palmer, a professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School points out, a form of the ketogenic diet was developed a century ago to treat epileptic seizures in patients who were not helped by medications. And since epilepsy drugs are prescribed for a lot of mental disorders, it stands to reason that the ketogenic diet should help those disorders, as well as epilepsy. And there are even indications that a ketogenic diet can be helpful for patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. It’s not a cure-all, especially once the disease has progressed past a certain point, but it can definitely alleviate symptoms.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #11

Welcome to the forums!

The elevated insulin from our government-recommended high-carb diet causes so many problems that a keto diet, which lowers insulin greatly, can only be of help. We are only just discovering how damaging our fear of fat has been. Carbohydrates are clearly not the “health” food they’ve been touted to be.

Good luck on your keto journey. Please keep us posted on your progress.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #12

It’s very important not to stop medications without consulting with your doctor. Especially drugs prescribed for mental problems, because they can cause serious problems if stopped suddenly. Your doctor will know how to monitor your progress and lower dosages appropriately and safely. It is also, apparently, dangerous to decide, after a few months, that you’re fine and can go back to a high-carb diet. One psychiatrist I’ve seen interviewed recently says that can be a problem, too.