Here is a graph they don’t want you to see


You can’t possibly believe that.


How can you trust so-called scientists like the great and powerful Dr. Fauci who can’t even come out and support vitamin D supplements to improve survivability? All the jerk said was “I don’t mind recommending”. What does that even mean?

This virus most likely originated in a Chinese lab with US funding, and whether or not it was an accident, the powers that be seem to have used the pandemic to clean out nursing homes. And maybe make money on vaccines? Not to mention political outcomes!

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I would take it to mean that he’s not entirely convinced by the evidence, but since it’s not likely to do harm, he doesn’t mind recommending it. Although that bit about not being likely to do harm is iffy, for example, what harm could it do to tell people to eat lots of carbohydrate and avoid saturated fat?

And please forgive me, but as a mod I have to remind people to stay away from discussing politics on the Ketogenic Forums. There are other places better suited for that. Thanks.

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Of course they do! The whole point of getting a vaccine is to develop antibodies so that if you are exposed, you either survive more easily or you don’t have symptoms at all. That’s really just a bizarre statement.

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I don’t get what’s so scandalous about this article. As more people are exposed to the virus, more people develop antibodies. What’s being covered up here?


Yes I can. It helps if you’re not paranoid.

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This is what I am getting at. If you “possibly” don’t need the mask after having covid or getting vaccinated they don’t even want to study or prove that is the case. This is why you are hearing “you could” or “you might” as the qualifier. The bottom line is people will “feel better” if everyone wears a mask. Personally I think the cloth face coverings that I see most people wearing are much like a screen door. Yes if someone shoots a squirt gun at me through the door screen not all of the water will make it through but I will still get wet. So using the mask logic the screen door still helps keep me dryer. I am not saying don’t wear a mask but many are thinking a mask is far more protective than studies will likely reveal after all this is over. Just my prediction, don’t hate me for it.


Not sure what that’s supposed to mean, but first off, what is “the science”? As a concept, it’s deeply flawed. Secondly, the people in charge of our institutions and governments are most certainly NOT primarily guided by the scientific method (if that’s what you mean). How could you even entertain such a notion? Based on their actions, it’s patently absurd. They – like so many of their constituents – are guided by fear.


Mate, I’m not entirely convinced that you know what you’re talking about.

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It depends if you can do English or not while wearing a tinfoil hat.

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All right, we can all see where this is going. This time, I’m following my instincts and closing the thread permanently. We’re done here.

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