Help with resetting password

(carol mclintock) #1

Not too sure where to put this so apologies if its in the wrong section.
I was recently thrown off my laptop and it has wiped all my passwords. I cant log back on and when i request a reset link, its not being sent-could anyone help please??
Thanks in advance


Carol, I just sent a reset password email.
Let me know if you get it.


Carol, have you checked your spam folder, just in case the password reset email was put there?

(carol mclintock) #4

Hi Darren, no not come through either inbox or spam…is ot because I am logged in on my phone?

(carol mclintock) #5

It even, good grief


Did you sign up with a different email?

(carol mclintock) #7

No, I have checked the emaul assigned to my account and it is the correct one. I know its not a biggie but I just prefer the pc to the phone. Thanks for you help x

(carol mclintock) #8

Email, see this is why I dislike the phone …hopefully keto can change my big man hands for delicate little things that can type properly


No doubt, and I want to get this fixed for you, but if you’re not receiving the password reset email, I’m afraid there’s little more I can do.

I’m going to share this with the other admins. We will probably need to get one of the Owners, who can actually reset that for you, but I don’t know how soon until it’s resolved. But we’ll be looking into it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I knew what you were saying. :slight_smile:

(carol mclintock) #11

No problems and thank you so much for your time


We can’t find a reason you’re not getting the reset email. It might be a while before one of the owners can deal with the security level needed to do anything more. But hey, at least you have the phone. :slight_smile:

(carol mclintock) #13

Thanks Carol, I appreciate the help :blush:

(John) #14

I had to reset my password recently, because even though one of my computers and my phone knew what it was, I did not, and could not log on from my other computer.

I tried the reset several times, and no e-mail.

I have a e-mail address, and I had to go into my mail advanced settings, and tell it to keep a copy of rejected spam e-mails. By default it just deletes them without you ever seeing it.

Only then did the password reset get through, in the spam folder. and I was also able to flag it as “not spam.”

If you use Comcast, that may be the issue.

(carol mclintock) #15

I don’t use comcast but I will certainly have a look at the settings, thanks John

(John) #16

They probably share similar spam-blocking techniques (or even subscribe to the same services), so it’s possible if Comcast thinks it’s spam, other spam engines do, too.

You might have to temporarily disable spam flagging, if that’s an option, to let the reset e-mail get through, and then re-enable it.

(Pri) #17

On same note I also don’t remember my password and don’t have access to email I had account with(I made new account). Is their way around that?
Thanks in advance!

(Richard Morris) #18

It looks like there were too many bounced emails to carol’s address, so the system stopped sending mail. I reset that counter so hopefully it’ll start sending emails to her again.

(carol mclintock) #19

Thank you Richard, much appreciated

(carol mclintock) #20

that worked,Richard! thanks everyone for your help :fried_shrimp::avocado::bacon::cut_of_meat: