HELP! Please Need a wiring diagram for an old USB Ketonix


Please? The USB cable of my old blue Ketonix caught on a chair and pulled free of the device. I disassembled it easily enough, but now I have 4 wires, white, orange, green and black, and a choice of 7 pins, numbered 1-7, on which to mount them. They are simple slip connectors. Thank you!

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Contact Ketonix.


I already, have, thank you. I just thought I might find someone knowledgeable and helpful here. But as you so aptly put it, when reality fails to meet expectations…the problem is not reality.


USB is standardized so they’re all the same however, orange isn’t a typical color unless it’s microUSB (the real small one). Maybe an off red?



Thank you! I’ll give it a try!


Oops…no. But thanks. Hopefully, I’ll hear back from Ketonix. Have a good evening.

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You realize, of course, that you just gave us the Bill Cosby ‘Oops’ comedy sketch! What do you mean ‘Oops?’


It didn’t work.


Either you got the pins backwards (4,3,2,1) or it’s not making a proper connection. On the ketonix side they could do anything they want but on the computer end it can only go one way. If the wires were forcefully ripped out of the connector it may be damaged even if you can’t physically see it. May have to get a replacement end for it. You cut the wires back from where they were ripped out right? Inspect those as well.

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I would contact the guy who has them made. At one time, he was quite helpful.

When you talk to him, tell him I’m not overjoyed with the new software. When I hit “measure”, there’s nothing telling me it’s performing a measurement. Also, I often have to save a bogus sample, where the machine is either warming up or cooling down, and not taking a real sample. It’d be nice if there was a button to “ignore” or something like that.


Michel, at Ketonix, was kind enough to send me a link to a picture. Back up and running.

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What great customer service! Glad you got it repaired


Thanks! The photo Michel provided doesn’t look like tech archive. He must have pulled one apart to take the picture. It’s an old, discontinued model, too. Saved me shipping it from SoCal to Sweden and waiting.

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Well all the Swedes are on holiday now so you wouldn’t get any response or service for another 2 weeks or so!

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At my job, I work with a lot of Europeans, and it always makes me sad when they get a month off in the summer for “holiday”, and I can take basically one week of vacation.

Though I’m not sure where the Swedes will go this year, as some other countries won’t let them in due to their relatively high levels of covid-19. See here, for instance: