Help Please I need a booster to keto

(Peggy Saar) #1

Hi everyone. I’ve been on keto pretty strict for 4 months and have done really well. Only about 17 pounds but am down several sizes. My problem is I’m going on vacation June 12 and I’d like to speed up the process. I need to lose another 15 before then. I’m already using collagen and mct oil. Is there anything else I can add that could possibly help? Thanks so much!


Depending on your starting weight, losing 15lbs in one month is an unrealistic standard to set. I’d recommend reassessing your goals.

(Ethan) #3

Don’t track weight as the main goal. This is about health. The average arm weighs about 8 lbs. So if you cut off one and a half of them, you should be able to lose those 12 lbs quickly. It sounds like you actually want a certain look. That may or may not be possible by June 15, but don’t stress over it. Gain health and you may lose some weight.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #4

That weight loss is normal and some would say great. You’re welcome to tell us what you’re eating and maybe someone will suggest changes you could make.

(Jacqueline Porter) #5

I remember when I was going on holiday and was a little short on my weight loss goals a month before I went away!
I did a fair amount of toning exercises - Pilates and a few abs dvds. Did my best with Keto and IF.
Sorted out the most flattering wardrobe I could. Had my facial, eyelash extensions, little fake tan, waxing (ouch!) And reminded myself that Australia was going to be wonderful even if I wasn’t quite at target! And it was! I had a great time!
Don’t stress, be confident, do what you can and have a wonderful time :blush:

(Alec) #6

Why? Surely being smaller in size is way more important than weight? Just stick to your current path and be what you are on holiday. No get thin quick schemes here.

(John) #7

I lost 20 pounds in one month. My formula: Weigh 320 to begin with. Be male, and relatively tall and therefore large framed. Not have any other underlying mental or physical health or metabolic issues other than being overweight.

I am guessing you probably don’t fit my starting criteria, so that’s out.

Cut out all sweets, artificial sweeteners, fruit, sugars, starches, grains. Eat only meat, fish, poultry, eggs, vegetables from the Westman page 4 list. Keep cheese to 4 oz or under. Nuts to 2 oz or under. Do not snack between meals. AT ALL. Don’t load up your coffee with butter and cream - drink it black. No desserts. Drink water, unsweetened teas and tisanes, black coffee, sparkling water. Stay 100% strict. If you can skip a meal, skip it. Learn to accept feeling hungry as a normal condition that you can just observe and not respond to. Get used to “empty” being the way you feel most of the time, and choose to enjoy the sensation. Only eat when you must, never from any kind of trigger other than true physical hunger and a need to supply your body with needed nutrients.

Make it the overriding meaning of your existence for the next 4 weeks. Never waver at all in your determination. Get as much sleep as you can. If you don’t exercise now, start. If you do, increase it. Cut off all social contacts if they sabotage you or cause you to eat at any time other than when you are truly hungry.

Forget all that stuff about eating to satiety. Eat until the hunger signals stop, or until you have consumed enough nutrients for the day, but don’ worry about feeling full or satiated. After all, this isn’t a normal healthy eating pattern, this a mission to lose 15 pounds in 4 weeks. Which is crazy. So go crazy.

You could also start doing alternating 36-hour fasts immediately, with only normal food intake (not “feasting”) on the in-between days, for the next full month. Or 5-day fasts with 2-day refeeds.


The body doesn’t give up weight in a linear predictable way. So planning a specific weight on a calendar is near impossible. And as others have said, dimensions can change while the scale remains the same.

Some mixed messages here. Can you maybe describe what empty is, if not true hunger?

(John) #9

The mixed message you are seeing is difference is between the phrases “eat only when hungry” and “always eat when hungry.”

I don’t equate a feeling of being empty with being hungry. At one time, yes. No longer. People who fast (intermittent or otherwise) have empty stomachs after the first 5 or 6 hours, but may not feel actually hungry, which for me is not only the sensation of emptiness, but combined with a strong urge to eat something. For me they are not the same thing.

If I get the brain’s hunger signal AND I’m empty, and I am not trying to lose a ton of weight in a very short time, I eat. If get a hunger signal and I’m not empty, it’s usually some other trigger and I don’t eat. If I feel empty and don’t have a hunger signal, I also don’t eat, because that means my body is fine with the energy sources it has at the moment.

So I am saying she should only eat when she is really hungry, but that is not the same as saying she MUST eat whenever hungry.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #10

Yeah, I was confused too. But I get what you’re saying after your explanation.


Go hiking and go where there are hills and do it on nothing but bulletproof coffee and do it for 4-5 hours every other day (or more if you can) . . . I dont know if you will hit your goal but it will speed up the process. The more hrs the better.

(John) #12

Guess I needed to be more clear. The OP has a tight timeline and did not respond to other people asking her what she was doing now, so there was no way to fine tune the advice. So I just unloaded the truck, kind of stream of consciousness, and she can pick through it.

For the record, my opinion is if she lost 17 pounds in 4 months, which is over a pound a week, that’s great progress and she should stick with that. I mean I guess the only realistic way to lose that much would be a fairly aggressive fasting routine. Plenty here do that, but not my area of expertise.

I tend to do a short fast about once a month to remind my brain of some of that stuff I typed about “you can feel hunger signals and not do anything about it” and “empty does not equal hungry.”

I probably should have avoided or muted the thread, but I was in a posting mood at the time.

(Khara) #13

Incorporate some fasting. Time restricted eating window daily at least and a little bit longer intermittent fasts if you are ready.

(Peggy Saar) #14

Aww…thank you for that. It was much needed. :blush: I think I’ll take your advice!!

(Peggy Saar) #15

Thank you, sometimes I get confused because I’ve heard fading is great…others say you need to keep your system fed.

(Peggy Saar) #16

Thank you so much for the clarification

(Charlotte) #17

I know how you feel wanting to be quicker with the losses. I just found out a week ago that my husband’s job is sending us to Fiji in mid July and I would love to feel like I look great in a swimsuit, but I know realistically I could only lose another 10lbs by then. So, instead of focusing on my weight, I’m going shopping for some clothes and swimsuit for the trip that make me feel good in all my current 200lb glory and be happy with how I feel and not worry about how I think other people will see me, because in the end we are our own worst critics. This is a work in progress and I tell myself everyday that this is a journey that will take as long as it needs to and trying to rush things along won’t do much but add extra pressure. If you don’t hyper focus on it, then things might start speeding up on their own. I know it has worked that way for me this far. You’re not alone. :slight_smile:

(Peggy Saar) #18

You are so right! I haven’t been back to my hometown for over 30 years and will be seeing many friends and family. I have to realize I’ll never look like I did then…lol.

Besides Im sure I won’t be the only one who’s changed…:joy:

(Peggy Saar) #19

Sounds like you have a wonderful adventure ahead!!