Heavy kids taken away from their parents - outrageous


Hey why hasn’t Honey Boo Boo been taken away from Momma June yet?
I mean this fits the entire crazy of weight and Momma June is one bad mother as we can see from what she is up to?

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(Jennibc) #42

Stop making excuses? My son was obese at 8 and was not an overeater - at 19 he’s slim and fit because we all adopted a low carb way of eating here. When he was obese, he didn’t drink soda, didn’t eat fast food, didn’t eat a lot of what we could consider garbage. What he did eat was Cheerios for breakfast with 2% milk, whole wheat bread with PB&J for lunch, a banana and some goldfish crackers (because six servings of grain a day!) more 2% milk, and for dinner things like macaroni and cheese/spaghetti and meat sauce/chicken and rice etc We let him have dessert a couple of times a week. It’s not like we suddenly found ‘will power’ or ‘self control’ We realized that he, like me, doesn’t do well with heavy carbohydrate consumption. Imagine if we’d had him on a more typical standard American diet with even more sugar added. He easily could have been much larger by the time he was a teenager. Luckily, I had the wherewithal to start challenging the dietary orthodoxy when he was a preteen, but not everybody is me. I am confident in my ability to figure things out and sometimes that means ignoring the ‘experts’ but there are an awful lot of people in this world who just aren’t comfortable ignoring them.