Heart rate racing

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Hey guys,

I’m extremely worried! I hope you can help me.

I started Keto on 11/22, the first week and half I felt great, but since 4 days ago my heart rate is really high, when I’m resting is 90-100 and when walking on climbing stairs my bmp goes til 135-140. I’m really freak out! Also I feel extrermely tire and week. I increased my intake of electrolytes but still feeling like crap. Is this normal?


It’s not uncommon (you can do a search of the forum) but if you’re very worried you should see a doctor.

FWIW I suffered a higher heart rate when I became dehydrated a couple of summers ago - bit of extra salt & extra water put it right for me. Some people also don’t get along well with potassium supplementation so something else to consider.

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Safi, Thanks for your reply!


My pleasure - just keep an eye on things & do see a doctor if you feel the need :slightly_smiling_face:


My heart does similarly in the early morning and again early evening. I have bradycardia (slow heart rate 45-55) so when mine jumps into the upper 70s or low 80s I can really feel it.

Just try to hydrate better is all I can add. Those damn electrolytes are tricky and sometimes hard to manage. It’s not the diet or fasting, it’s the resulting dehydration. Lower blood volume makes the heart beat faster and harder.

If you go to the doctor he will probably tell you to either quit Keto or drink more water. But it will ease your mind either way.


Are you drinking 8 cups of water a day.

You need to add salt in your diet. When your body goes keto and burns fat for fuel the kidney expels sodium along with the water so you need to resupply both.

You’re not drinking 6 cups of coffee or something like that? I used to drink 2 cups of coffee when I was addicted to carbs, needed them to stay awake, but now that I have more energy the 2nd cup is pushing me over the edge.

Are you taking any medication? For example for blood pressure, diabetes or anything ?

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Lack of enough potassium can cause heart racing. It is hard to supplement, too little or too much both can cause it.

If staying well hydrated and taking a keto aide beverage doesn’t get it under control, probably best to see a dr.

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Thanks you all for your reply. Yesterday, I had to go to ER, I was trying to put a box on the top a shelf in my garage and my heart rate went up 195 BPM, when I arrived to ER my BP was 140/82 and after couple minutes went down to normal rate (I think I was too scared). They ran blood and urine test and everything went good so I’m getting a holder monitor tomorrow to see what is going on. I still very worried. Doc said I probably have a STV.


Well I’m glad you saw a doctor but sorry to hear you don’t have your answer yet. If it’s any comfort to you my doctor put me on a 24 holter monitor as well & it came back clear. My heart rate eventually went back to normal.

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Safi, after how many days your HR came to normal?


If I recall correctly it actually took a few weeks after I’d seen the doctor about it. Because my blood tests, a quick ecg and my holter monitor results were all normal I was kind of left to figure it out for myself. Looking over my blood tests I saw that both potassium & sodium were ‘normal’ but were definitely in the lower range. My blood pressure was also fairly low at times so I figured it was probably dehydration. I just increased my regular salt intake, kept my water intake up & that seemed to do the trick.

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Hopefully my case goes like yours. Thank very much for sharing!


:crossed_fingers: It’s good that you have a doctor looking in to it for you. Best of luck :crossed_fingers: