Heart palpitations on carnivore

(Rob Mills) #21

When you first questioned three amount of water I was drinking I was a bit surprised. However, I came around to trying just drinking when I was thirsty which resulted in much less water.

I’m happy to report I haven’t really felt any palpitations in the last five days. Such nice relief.

Not sure this is everyone’s solution but if you’re reading this thread for the first time I suggest trying this out.

Thanks, Virginia!

(Alec) #22

This is an excellent result, and suggests (but doesn’t prove) that the issue was electrolytes being flushed out by the excess water. Stick at it, and please let us know how you go, especially if the issue resurfaces.

(Rob Mills) #23

Yes I agree and will do.

(Edith) #24

Yup. Cutting back on fluid intake is still working for me, so at least for me, it does seem to have been a factor with my electrolyte balance.