Headache and thirst wake me up


I am doing omad keto about a month. A few days ago, I started to wake up a few times at night with dry mouth, headache and big thirst that did not happen before.

As I searched what to do, I started to put salt in my water now and also getting supplements such as magnesium, fish oil, and multi vitamins on a daily basis. I dont wake up at nights now but still wake up with thirst and headache.

I am not sure is my body getting use to it or I am doing something wrong. I dont count my calories but eating heaps of veggies along with a protein each day. Such as yesterday, had a large bowl of greens,olives and salmon salad and spinach mushroom with creamy beef.

Is there anybody experienced similar effects? And know what to do?

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I’d first start by splitting your meals into 2 or maybe even 3. Constant OMAD long term doesn’t work for everyone. It can especially be problematic if you’re a female. There was one point where I did OMAD non-stop for months on end, but have never experienced what you did. I’m a male.


I am 41 years old male and feeling great except this night headaches. No hunger, no low energy nothing. I havent feel that energetic for years. Lost 9 kilos already. (started omad for a week and then 7 days water fasting, 20 days omad +keto)

Having 1Pm lunch, not hungry till next morning. I still think that missing something. Planing to do some blood tests next week. Hopefully I can solve this cause really happy with omad+keto so far.

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Perhaps you need electrolytes ie; magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium?
There are many people on here with loads of advice…I’m sure they will offer great explanations.

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If you’re getting enough electrolytes and liquid, there’s something not right, here.

Is it possible that you’re going through caffeine withdrawal? If not, you may need to see your doctor


I am having lots of himalayan salt (Putting it into my water, around 5 liters daily) + 200mg magnesium tablets daily. I might be missing some potassium. I did not know that I should be having some calcium too though. Had a big avacado today and lots of greens (A very large bowl rockets, lettuce, parsley, spring onions, olives) will see how I will feel tonight.


That is a lot of water.

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200mg is nothing for magnesium my sleep supplement is 600mg, and drinking that much water will be flushing out the sodium as fast as you’re putting it in. Drink water to thirst, and add salt to your food. Get that right before messing around with anything else.

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I consistently wake up with a headache and thirst too, unless I drink a large glass of water immediately before bed, with added salt and sometimes more magnesium.
If I don’t drink it before bed, I will also have leg/foot cramps in the night. You can drink water all day long and still need a large glass before bed. If this works, you could probably cut down on water intake during the day.

My experience anyway.
Good luck to you!

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Oh, and welcome!


Thx Robin. I ll try ur advice…

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If you’re drinking that much water, be careful not to deplete your electrolytes. The craze for over-hydrating was started by Dr. Tim Noakes, the marathon runner and sports nutrition researcher, and was taken up enthusiastically by sport drink manufacturers. Dr. Noakes eventually saw the risks in that, and recanted his advice. He now says to drink only to thirst.

When the first runner collapsed during a marathon from overhydration, Dr. Noakes apologised to her while she was in the hospital. Unfortunately, his change in advice came too late, and several runners have died from too much water.


I’ve read that need to drink 0.40ml per kg. I am 107 kg thats why try to drink around 4 to 5 liters. I will drop the amount to see if it is work.

(Robin) #15

Yes, I went water crazy when I began. Much less during the day now.


I had a good night sleep today. Drastically increased salt and 400mg magnesium tablets about 2 hours before bad. I think, should have more magnesium which was the main problem. I woke up with thirst but no headache. Thank u everyone for opinions :slight_smile:

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If you can get some epsom salts and give yourself a soak in a hot bath with them before bed, at least ten mins, that’ll be the best way to get magnesium into your body.

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Yahoo! So glad. Sleep is so important!