Headache and electrolites


It’s my beginning but i experience a lot of headache on which i’m drinking electrolites and after a glass they dissapear.
Will i need drink electrolites all the time even if i be keto adapted?

(John) #2

You need electrolytes whether you are on a ketogenic diet or not. The trick is to get enough. The three big components are salt, potassium, and magnesium. If you can get enough of these from the foods you eat, then you don’t need to supplement.

If not, then yes.

I take a magnesium supplement just in case and make sure to add salt to my foods. I haven’t focused on potassium too much, though I will occasionally use Lite Salt which is 50/50 sodium chloride and potassium chloride, to get a little extra potassium.

You can read up on it a bit here:

If you have kidney disease, potassium can be a problem. In that case, you need to work closely with your urologist to make sure you are managing potassium properly.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #3

Could I actually be overdoing salt?
Since getting night cramps I’ve made a conscious effort to up my salt (Lo-Salt).
Headaches started about the same time I think.
I do tend to overdo things! I did that with fat! Like a stupid child testind the boundaries. lol

(Bacon enough and time) #4

That depends. To answer the general topic of this thread, some people continue with the electrolytes, while others find they no longer need them at some point.

For me, it’s not electrolytes in general that I need to worry about, but salt in particular. Getting salt in the right range does a lot to keep potassium and magenesium well-regulated.

If I’m not getting enough salt, I experience migraines (and constipation). Getting salt in the right range keeps my bowel happy, and too much, of course, can cause diarrhoea. I find that when I need salt, I enjoy the taste of it on my food; when I don’t need more, it stops tasting good. I overdid the salt one day a few months ago, and suddenly it tasted absolutely horrible. I had to wait a couple of days before putting salt on my food again.

(Eve) #5

Does anyone get irritable when low on electrolytes?

(Geoffrey) #6

Hard to tell when I’m always irritated. :smirk:

(Eve) #7

Lol :laughing:

(Eve) #8

I know what you mean !

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #9

I’ve been trying to praise the same response ha. I do know one thing, I was far more irritable before reversing T2

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(Eve) #11

Great :+1:


How true. Once I horribly upset someone because I was smiling while walking in the street, spring in my steps… It was just a random stranger and there was a nice, sunny day, I didn’t know about any tragedies nearby or anything…
Too bad I was an innocent young one at that time who didn’t enjoy annoying such people as much as I do now. I was merely super confused.