Head rushes + Cold sensitivity

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I am pretty sure that when you do Keto you have less fluid in the body and so if you stand up fast, you can get more head rushes (please correct me if something else is going on). I wonder if this lets up after a while and the body gets used to dealing with less fluid or something else solves the problem. It’s not a big thing. I just take it more slowly. It’s also better than in the first week.

Cold sensitivity: it’s warm right now, so it’s not a problem yet. But a couple of nights ago temperatures were low and in the middle of the night I shifted to a part of the sheet I hadn’t warmed up. Chilled ot the bone! Like a shuddering cold reaction I have only ever had on Keto. Now the truth is, I sort of like the feeling. But I don’t want to be cold sensitive when Fall and Winter come. Anyone else experience this? Does it go away at some point?



Correct, but the less fluid isn’t the reason that happens, it’s lowered BP, dumping a ton of fluid (especially when it’s sodium) will do that. It’s called Orthostatic hypotension, and like many that do keto, especially at first, you’re electrolytes aren’t right for the time being.

The Hot/Cold sensitive can be metabolic slowdown, or your Thyroid being pissed off, Thyroids adjust a lot with keto, and if you’re under eating, your metabolism may be adapting already.

Either make up or buy a good electrolyte supplement. LMNT is awesome (only for the fruit flavors if you do, they got some weird ones) it’s a little overpriced IMO, but you Amazon that thing to yourself tomorrow. I’ve been using one from True Nutrition which is an exact ripoff, tastes good, and almost half the cost. I used to make my own, but don’t like drinking things that taste like crap…so…

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It’s called “postural hypotension,” and it means you aren’t getting enough salt and fluid. Try having a cup of bone broth once or twice a day. That might help quite a bit.

In order to be healthy, we need about twice as much salt as the U.S. government recommends, so don’t fear salt. Also, drink to thirst. Don’t under- or over-hydrate.

Are you eating enough protein? Enough fat? Ignore trying to cut calories; eat to satisfy your hunger. As long as you are keeping your carb intake low enough, you won’t store it in your fat tissue.

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Ah, thanks for the clarifications/explanations. I’ll take a look at electrolyte supplements. I just found they do have LMNT in the country I’m in. I’ll give it a whirl.

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I’m pretty good with both fluids and salts. My salt choices are high in minerals also and I drink a good local mineral water. I’ll give the bone soup a try if I can find a good source for the bone.

I’m full after meals and only get these kind of sudden cravings if I see a pizza in a film or something like that. It generally passes in seconds, so I think I am eating enough.

Thanks for the tips.

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Sounds to me like you need to eat more food and increase your sodium intake.


As the others, I would suspect eating too little, being cold usually happens then. Fasters often have it. I never had it and I had all the reason a few times.

It has little to do with eating enough… Our body has its needs. While satiation is something crazy, some people are low-key starving while feeling satiated all the time. Keto works “too good” for some people, I’ve heard about that several times (and almost always experienced the opposite, woe me. but at least my body gets what it needs).
In an ideal world eating when hungry until satiation would work but it’s not nearly that simple for all of us. If I did this, my energy intake could be all over the place (from slight deficit to epic overeating, at least temporarily) depending on my item choices (and timing, I think there is some wriggle room even if we wait until hunger. it’s not black and white, after all).
I find it useful to track the food intake in the very beginning of a drastic woe change.


Interestingly, I’d been getting the ole ‘stand up dizzies’ for a couple of months prior to starting my Keto and IF journey, and now that I’m on it… they’ve gone away o_O Trust me to be different xD

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I think my protein intake was too low. My salt intake is good, but it was great in this and another thread to find out that it was good I was eating more salt. I have a tendency to eat too much salt and fight to keep it lower but when I started the Keto I just let myself eat more salt. I wasn’t making an informed decision, just figuring I was challenging some emotion-related food issues, so why be strict all over the place at once. I eat mineral rich non-white salt also.