Having to login every time when switching apps

(Roxanne) #1

Is there a way to stay logged in, at least for a certain period of time, when switching between apps on my iPad? It seems that if I leave the forum for a minute, switching to answer a Skype message, for example. I have to re-log in, which is a pain!

(Precious Honey) #2

Are you using the discourse app? I just started using it and have only had to sign in once so far. I’m on Android tho so not sure how it works on iOS

(Roxanne) #3

No I haven’t tried that yet, will look into it, thanks!

(thefeatherdustersllc) #4

I am using the free app, and once I sign in I don’t have to sign out. I just have a little icon on my home screen, right next to my Facebook icon. It couldn’t be easier!

(Scott Shillady) #5

dump Apple, Apples are to Carby. Never have to re-login on android