Have any ant solutions?

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Mary, thank you for taking the time to write such a thorough post. I was just telling telling Darren in a PM that I feel awful killing insects and that I capture the large ones and put them outside.

This morning I flipped on the kitchen light and there were far fewer baby ants searching for something. I sprinkled cinnamon on the floor yesterday so this may have helped but I saw one tugging a large crumb of something with it’s tiny body and felt bad. I followed Bunny’s advice and used vinegar to wipe them and the cinnamon up. I will reapply the cinnamon.

It’s funny that you say that, about intention, speaking to them. Last year, my fourth year of pulling my hair out with them, they were invading the second floor, bathroom, living room and kitchen. They are along the foundation outside and we watched hundreds of winged ants fly away, from the side of the house, along one of our basement windows. They are coming out of the cracks along the sidewalk. I read that when their colony is big enough they make flying drones who then go create a colony somewhere else. (Sorry neighbors!)

I do a lot of ant research, but I’ve never read about what you’re suggesting. It makes sense to a certain primal part of my brain so I will give this a try. I wonder if I accidentally did this last year because at a certain point they were just gone and I didn’t see them all summer. I had no idea why my interventions were suddenly working at that point, and not before. It will be a nice experiment.

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Interesting, I talk to bees, wasps, hornets, etc, and they are very compliant. My husband says I’m a bee charmer, but I say it’s just because I’m not afraid of them like most people are. I’ve had large swarms of hornets around me and never gotten stung. I’m going to try this with the ants that inevitably come inside in the spring when it rains a lot here in Virginia. I never thought of trying to communicate with them because there are so many, but what you say about being of one mind makes perfect sense. Thanks for this!

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Yup, I don’t mind bees or wasps, even though as a child I had numerous bee stings to my lips picking up a can of coke and taking a drink when a bee was inside. Now I just say, go away (in my annoyed voice) and they go away. I never thought about it, really. But I think you have to say it louder for those territorial bumble bees. They like to hover in your face and yell at you when you’re in “their” space.

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Often people mistake carpenter bees for bumble bees. Carpenter bees will hover in your face checking you out, but they don’t sting (can’t sting). They are very active here in Virginia right now.

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We get mud daubers in TX

Fake wasps basically

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Yes, it’s a carpenter bee. They have a lot of personality!


Ok, but the Asian Giant Hornet tho

That thing can go straight to hell

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I’ll look it up. Do we have those in Kentucky?..ok, thank goodness. No.

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Yes, Asian giant hornets, that was what I had a nest of in my yard and they would be all swarming around me but never tried to sting me! They’re cool!:sunglasses:


Thank you so much for this humane idea. I am definitely going to try it. I have more respect for ants in recent years after reading and learning more about them.


@PetaMarie you’re very welcome! Winged ants! They’re often mistaken for termites but aren’t - and I don’t know much about them. Ants+wings add more stress to the situation for sure. Wow, how wonderful it would be for you to prove out your experiment for win-wins - or temporarily foster an anteater lolol :laughing:

@JaneyMae yes, not being afraid and instead being in some degree of kinship/friendship with them makes a world of difference. Today I was thinking about how when the rains come to where I live in a couple months I’ll have more opportunities for ant heart-to-hearts and how I do empathize with them when they’re flooded out from their underground homes when there are big rains - in which case, there’s a very nice garden shed they could enjoy instead of my kitchen!

How I LOVE Carpenter bees - they are so bumbly and sight-challenged. When I last researched them, my first few pages of internet results were all exterminator sites keen on eliminating all bees apparently (not even relocation, straight up extermination). The Carpenter bees populations are suffering along with other bees due to habitat destruction and weather changes.

@NinMD I’m so glad you’re going to try it! It may take a few attempts to get it right (I’ve learned I can’t fake my intention!) but the ants seem to appreciate it. It can be hard to wait over the hours until the ants change their strategy, but it’s such a natural phenom when they do - amazing little beings!

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Don’t laugh. This would be a dream come true!

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I used cinnamon on the floor two times. Used vinegar to clean a couple of times and asked them to leave.

I haven’t seen an ant in three mornings. Woo hoo!!