Has anyone taken their temperature while fasting and not fasting?

(Allie) #21

When I used to do multi-day fasts in the summer I always coped much better in the heat, assumed it was due to lower body temperature but never checked.

(Bob M) #22

I’ll see what happens. I hope to try this coming Monday (test day, no fasting) and Tuesday (fasting until Wednesday morning).

It’s odd. I’ve been taking Amari (an Italian liquor) with some cream, right before bed. Only once per week or so. Brad from Fire in a Bottle says that Amari is an SCD inhibitor, and when I take this, I THINK I get warmer at night. But (1) it’s hard to tell, as temps where I live (CT, US) are all over the map right now, and our bedroom is normally in the low 60s at night, but might not be due to higher outside temps; and (2) when I get up and take my temperature, it’s normal. For example, I felt hot last night, but got 97.8 in the morning.

Edit: Compari liquor, not Amari.
Edit 2: Ugh! Campari liquor. (Which, buy the way, is pretty nasty. Better with cream, even better with bubbly water, but unflavored is better, and we don’t have that.)

(Bob M) #23

Here are the results, eating 2 meals a day on 12/20 (ate an early “breakfast/lunch” at 10 am, then dinner after 7pm, not on this chart). followed by fasting on 12/21.

Maybe a small decrease? Hard to know.

I think I’m going to have to fill in the bottom (after 6pm) too. However, at this time, I’m driving home, picking up my daughter from dance (Monday at 7pm) or taking her, doing something for an hour, picking her up (7-8:30pm). In addition to that, I have to take care of my mom’s cats (she is in a long-term care facility), make or eat dinner, clean up from dinner, fold laundry, prepare for guest at Christmas, it’s non-stop until I get to sit down and watch some TV for about 30-45 minutes before I go to bed. And every day is like that.

At some point after the holidays, I’ll fast again and maybe get some more data. I’d like to do a 4.5 day fast.

But now you can see why, if Brad from Fire in Bottle’s technique worked, it would be great to increase my body temp. I have close to normal temp in the morning (cortisol?), then it can be in the low 96s even on a normal day.

Edit: had 1.25 cups coffee with cream and a cup of Pu-Erh tea (“black”) on 12/20 before going to work. On 12/21, had 1.25 cups coffee (black), a cup of Pu-Erh tea (“black”) before going to work. Unusually, had 1 cup of Pumpkin Spice black tea (black) after getting to work. Only tea/herbs in the black tea. Only water and salt afterwards.

(Bob M) #24

Here’s a chart, red is fasting, blue is eating:


I may fast 4.5 days and see how many points I can get.

(PJ) #25

I have tested my temp while eating vs. fasting, and regularly, and during long fasts. It goes UP when I fast. Which I always considered a good thing as it is usually a degree or so (that’s an average) lower than ‘normal’.

I have a thing of that Pu’er (sp?) tea. I haven’t tried it yet. I hadn’t yet concluded that drinking something I almost surely won’t like (I don’t even like ordinary teas) was going to do me any good. :smiley:

PS Drinking alcohol can/will cause a body temp change. I used to drink it before sleep when I was being a hippy and living in my van and it was freaking cold before bed. Then I woke up freezing like ‘to death’ later, every damn night. I was an idiot and could have legit hurt myself with my ignorance, oy!

One web ref says:

…the liver gives off heat as it metabolizes the alcohol. Therefore, it can create a feeling of being warm but is in fact lowering a person’s core body temperature .