Has anyone here experimented with OMAD during early morning?


For the people who do OMAD who have experimented with OMAD within a few hours after waking up, how did it go?

I would OMAD at night after the gym around 7pm, but I’m usually In bed between 10-11pm and from past experiences seems to interfere with my sleep and digestion.

OMAD in the morning seems like a decent compromise, since I wouldn’t work out until 5pm which gives me a decent amount of time to partially digest my food so I’m not bloated, plus by bed time I’d already be 12-16 hours into my fast.

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When I do OMAD it is always an evening meal. If I eat first thing in the morning, I always want to eat again later. It is as though breaking the fast drives hunger later, whereas continuing the fast through the day is bearable.

I fully expect others to have a different experience and look forward to more responses with interest.


I do omad couple hours after ive woken up and works great for me, dont feel hungry until the next morning.

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Yes I do it a lot and it really suits me well.


I’ve tried this a bit though I’m not regular about OMAD. I think for many people it works much better for sleep in particular and for circadian rhythm in general. Can you keep us posted on how it goes?


Will do!


I’m thinking of doing that, if OMAD and not dooing workout on that day. Suits me when I work for example. Without eating first thing in the morning I can’t focus and my mind strays always to food related things throught the day. When excercising, I will be hungry later, so 2 meals a day possibly. And then I can just drink coffee for the rest of the day.

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@Apex, I did OMAD in the morning for awhile, and it went really well. The only thing that stopped me, was I liked sleeping a little bit longer. :slight_smile:

As far as getting enough to eat and not feeling hungry the rest of the day, it was very good. But I made sure I ate plenty, like 4 or 5 eggs with sausage or bacon.

You might get to a point where your weight loss stalls, and find it helpful to change when you eat; lunch or back to supper. I think aside from sleeping longer, that’s why I switched up my eating time.

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Another option that may work for you is 2MAD early in the day, so within a 4 or 6 hour window starting first thing. This is something I often do on work days.