Hard to stay within macros

(Dee Eichler) #1

I’m only 2 weeks in to keto. Day 10. I am having a hard time staying within my macros. They are calories 1300. Fat 108, protein 65 and carbs 16.
I haven’t gone on scale yet (afraid if I do and haven’t lost anything I will be in a negative mind set.). I am in ketosis. Is it a big deal to go over the macros except for carbs? I have days when hungry. I am 67, and want to loose 75lbs.

(Ken) #2

You actually have a much larger margin of fat and protein macros and still be lipolytic, which is the real state you want to be in. If you are in lipolysis, you’re also ketogenic as ketosis is only a secondary energy pathway of lipolysis, but is overemphasized because ketones can be detected and measured. My point is don’t worry about ketone levels.

Eating two thirds protein to one third fat by weight will insure you’re lipolytic. That means you can eat twice as many grams of protein as you do fat. Since meat is not 100 percent protein you can even eat a little more than two thirds if you chose to.

My suggestion is that initially during adptation you eat at least 60 percent fat, keep carbs as low as possible, and eat to satiety. Don’t worry about calories. Once adapted you can tweak things.

(Joanna Parszyk ) #3

Until u r fully fat adapted (it is different for everyone) do not stress about macros, just keep an eye on those carbs.
Then you can apply them as a guideline. Good luck and enjoy the journey, that’s the secret to meme it all work :wink:


Your calories seem extremely low. You should NOT calorie restrict…that will just sabotage you in the end. If you are hungry eat! Just keep your carbs low.

(Katie) #5

@Dee_Eichler your metabolism will slow down if you restrict calories for too long. If you metabolism slows down, then you will not burn as many calories naturally.

(Dee Eichler) #6

This is the calculation I was given on all the keto apps. I am very tired. So as long as I keep the cabs under 20 it ok to go over protein and fat if I’m hungry?


Don’t overthink it. I see Keto as a simple concept – Minimal carbs, adequate protein, fat as needed (for satiety).

You want to keep carbs low, because that’s what keeps you in ketosis. The 20 grams of net carbs is a lowest common denominator where ketosis is almost certain, but many can go higher. But, in general, the lower the better.

You need to make sure you get enough protein, because your body needs them. It will vary depending on your lean body mass and activity level. Make sure you get enough. More is better than less, and it’s hard to get too much.

After that, it’s fat and calories. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’d want less fat. But if you’re hungry, you need to eat more fat. Maybe a little protein. But as few additional carbs as possible. Early on, it’s OK to go above a calorie goal. Later on, for most people, getting into ketosis provides a natural appetite suppressant.

When I do the online calculators, the only thing I take away is the grams of protein I may need.


Keep carbs to less than 20g per day. Don’t worry too much about the others. You MUST eat if you’re hungry. You might feel like you’re eating too much, that is quite normal, don’t panic. Concentrate on how you feel… … … do I feel hungry? If the answer is yes, eat. If the answer is no, don’t eat. Fat will stem your hunger for longer periods. Try to eat fattier cuts of meat, that should help.

After a few weeks, you will find that your appetite has reduced somewhat (hard to believe until you’ve experienced it). That is the time to take a look at the other macros (fat, protein & calories). ONLY when you have your hunger under control, can you start to reduce fat and calories. Make sure you record everything you eat, so you can make an informed decision, about what affects your results, and what doesn’t.

Above all, don’t get too caught up in the ‘Rules’. Just do it, and see how you go.


(Dee Eichler) #9

Is 65g of protein enough for me?

(Jane Reed) #10

Those keto apps are just guidelines. Don’t take them literally.

During your first several weeks on keto you’ll be experimenting with different amounts of protein and fat. Trying to be “exact” is a fool’s errand because every body is different. What is right for you may be wrong for another person the same age, height, general body type, etc.

(Dee Eichler) #11

Then how do I know how much protein and fat is should eat or that will give me the best results?

I know to keep carbs under 20. Am I on atkins?

(Katie) #12

I think that you will be fine if you do. Give it a try.