Happy Halloween everyone

(Richard Morris) #1

(Joey) #2

Always love the episodes.

This year (like last yr) we gave out little individually wrapped “Slim Jim” meat sticks. Kids were thrilled at the door … and the parents of the younger ones (hanging back a few steps behind) looked eager to raid the kiddies’ bags upon return to home base.

Another benefit: the few leftovers don’t need to get pitched. They’re being eaten :wink:


Just wanted to mention that Carl called you a ‘spooky-bastard’, when he was actually awake! :crazy_face: :wink: … Nice podcast guys… And much scarier then all the other versions too!

(Bob M) #4

That is a great idea.

(Laurie) #5

@SomeGuy SlimJims! I was actually thinking about handing out treats this year, but I couldn’t bear to distribute sugar or potato chips. I’m glad the recipients appreciated the meat treats.

(Marianne) #7

What a great idea!!!

We only had four kids this year. I still have half a grocery bag of candy that none of my family will take (I’m sure they have leftover candy, too). Have to figure out what to do with it.

(Joey) #8

Yeah, not many kids around here in recent years. If this keeps up, I’ll consider handing out bacon strips. :wink:


Happy Halloween

I didn’t even acknowledge it :flushed::crazy_face: