Happy Egg Company Organic and Free Range Eggs

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These eggs are the goo, literally. The most flavorful yolks you’ll ever find. I’ve had many dark orange yolk eggs, but none as dark, bright orange as these. Sold in one dozen and 1-1/2 dozen crates, but check them to be sure none are broken. The 1-1/2 dozen clear plastic crates I’ve seen prone to breakage. One dozen cardboard crates are less prone.

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Not to mention that the cardboard crates are biodegradable, while the plastic is not. Obviously, we are supposed to sympathise with the chickens and not care less about their environment.


YUP! I’ve yet to see a commercially available egg beats the Happy Eggs.


I hate plastic crates with a passion…

Whoa, what orange, it’s abnormal :smiley: Well surely some feed can do the trick. I am very happy with my normal eggs from good sources where the yolks have various yellow shades, usually not pale though :slight_smile: They are very tasty. Fortunately I still manage to get enough eggs, it’s not easy when one greengrocery closes, one egg lady dies, the other gives up due to raising prices of the chicken feed (though egg prices went up a lot too. maybe not enough).

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Over here in the UK we went through a period where certified Free range eggs became unavailable due to the pandemic - the birds had to be kept inside.

Now that they have returned the difference in quality is tangible.

These are my favourites:

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Yes, I have some of the affected “free range” birds and am still trying to fix them… :pensive:

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I bought some Happy Eggs a few months ago and thought the oranges yolks were unnatural. I buy pastured eggs from local farms and I had my own chickens for a while. The egg yolks were never orange. A beautiful rich yellow, but never orange. It made me suspicious.

(Allie) #10

Rightly so, they’re likely injected with dye. I know exactly what goes into my eggs and how well my hens eat and the yolks don’t look like that.


After all I said… I boiled and cut some eggs from the supermarket. And they have that super deep orange color as well.
Eggs from houses I saw this far never have that color (but some are pretty orange. others not). I still think some feed does the trick…? So it’s not necessarily bad. Of course knowing food industry, one has doubts. I am just sure it doesn’t mean something positive. The good eggs are not super pale so something figured out overly dark should tempt more people… :frowning:


I’ve read that feeding chickens marigold flowers causes the yolks to become very orange. I think they are also supposed to help keep the birds healthy. https://chickenandchicksinfo.com/can-chickens-eat-marigolds/ That may be what they are doing.

It is a shame if they aren’t taking care of the birds.