Hair loss after 2 years Keto?

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Hair loss can be a result of age. In women, that age could be 30, 40, menopause, or older, depending on the person.

I’d also like to point out that what works for one person won’t work for another, and in fact can cause further loss or damage. So go ahead and experiment, but if some remedy doesn’t seem to be working, it probably isn’t.

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That’s interesting because my husband’s hair has thinned noticeably after 3 years on keto. I used to give him testosterone shots but stopped after keto and now his t-levels are in the normal range. Low side of normal but much better than before keto.

I never knew there might be a connection. His poor brother went bald in his 30’s so at age 58 he is happy to have what he still has!

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Check out DMDM hydantoin in your hair care products. There’s a class action lawsuit against Treseme because it’s causing hair loss. It’s in many products. I tossed the mousse, shampoo and conditioners with it.

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@Janie I haven’t seen actual data on it, but the guys who go bald are supposed to have more testosterone than us lesser mortals. Granted, the reading I did on the subject was forty or fifty years ago—the thinking may well have changed since then. But I was interested in baldness, because my grandfather went bald in his forties. So did both his sons, but my generation has fared a bit better.

But I did make two promises to myself and the universe, should it come to that: (1) No comb-over! and (2) No cheap toupée—either go proudly bald or buy the best hairpiece money could buy!


Are you tracking what you eat? If I load my crononmeter up with a 2000 calorie day of Carnivore eating (steak, eggs, bacon, ground beef etc) I’m still coming in low on a lot of stuff.


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This thread has all kinds of good info on what causes hair loss and what you can do about it. I lost a lot when I started fasting, doing lots of fasts. You body will use nutrition for essentials first, like heart muscle, etc. hair and nails, not really essential to survival, so they come last. My hair grew back better than ever, I did cut back on fasting a tad bit and made sure I feasted on the days I was not fasting, upped my protein a tad bit. But everyone is different.

Hair Loss on Keto, please help

I had thought about trying the lugols iodine too.


Thanks for your comment


Well it could actually be my age, I’m 60. God knows I hate that number. I’m definitely not growing old gracefully. Nope I’m kicking, screaming like a toddler and refusing to go :joy:
I’m still hoping it’s temporary :crossed_fingers:t2:


I don’t track


This comment makes me wonder if it’s me doing OMAD has caused it. I started doing OMAD last November because I lost my appetite for the 2 meals a day I was eating. Could be the fasting I’m doing before and after my 2:00 one meal a day?


May want to start, can’t troubleshoot a problem when you can see what’s going on. Could be (probably is) nutrient deficiency, it you’re eating to satiety / only eating when hungry you could just be under eating as a whole. Both of those can result in hair loss.

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I have been using lugols iodinefor some time.

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When my husband was in his teens, he had the most glorious head of straight, long hair. It was beautiful. He started losing it soon after he reached his twenties and by the time he reached thirty, he had a complete chrome dome. When I was young (and still stupid), I said I’d never date a man who was less than 6’ or bald. Well, my husband and I met when I was 39. He was 5’7" and bald, but he was confident, kind and funny, and he took great care of his body and physique. He has been the perfect man for me and puts up with a lot of my b.s. :laughing::joy::innocent: Confidence in a man outweighs height and hair/no hair.

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I think a bald or shaven head can look amazimg on the right shape head. A bit like us gals we either look great with short or long hair and some of us find it very difficult to grow it passed the shoulders.

My dance partner used to go on and on about how he like women with long hair and i kept telling him my hair doesn’t grow well. Just to shut him up i decided to grow it a few years ago and sure enough as soon as it got to shoulder length it started to break mid shaft. I lasted a year and said enough was enough and got it chopped off again.

I haven’t had a visit to the hairdressers in just over a year since we ended up in lockdown etc etc. Only this time i have managed to grow it a fair length and have done things differently i went keto in May /carnivore in november and stopped shampooing in August. I made up my own essential oils and bought the hair serum. I spot use the serum but my essential oils i rub into the mid to ends of the shaft. My hair is definitely thicker than before, perhaps its the added protein in my diet? I know my nails are definitley stronger as they don’t break as often nowadays.

Don’t think i will ever have glorious long beautiful locks and will most likely chop it all off again before too long … when the hairdressers re-open. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am 63 and always had very fine thin hair throughout my life so i don’t think age is a factor.

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I wasn’t going to give my anecdote because everyone is different, but …

I had loads of big wavy hair when it wasn’t in style. I couldn’t use a comb – just a wide-toothed pick. Then, in my late 50s, when I had hair halfway down my back, I decided to brush my hair for a job interview. Bad idea. Half the hairs broke off partway, and the others stayed the same length. Terrible!

It kept breaking off and wouldn’t grow. I trimmed it every few months, but that didn’t help; it just meant I always had short hair.

I read that coconut oil would help. So every 2 days, before washing my hair, I’d put coconut oil on my head, cover it with a plastic cap, and leave it on for a couple of hours. I did this for a few years, but it didn’t help.

Also I read labels carefully and avoided all products containing silicone (anything that ends in -cone).

Then I read that coconut oil can be bad for certain kinds of hair. So I stopped using it.

Next, I read about mixing coffee with shampoo. I use about 1 Tablespoon of instant coffee per 500 ml (2 cups) of shampoo. It works! I’m 68 and my hair doesn’t look great, but at least it’s long enough to pull back into a ponytail or an updo, which are my only options for tidy looking hair.


Oh, wow! That’s what I’ve been using for years!!

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Try mixing it up a bit. OMAD, 2MAD, IFing. See if you notice a difference.

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Mine is a mix of curly wavy straight kinky hair… i certainly wasn’t blessed in the hair department. Mid shaft breakage is usally found on ethnic hair. I use an afro comb/wide toothed pick when i want to keep the curls tight but recently invested in a boar brush. Cost a lot of pennies but it works really well at distributing the natural oils through the hair. I have to go through it with the afro comb first and then i brush frim the bottom of the hair first before eventually going from the roots and right down the shaft. Bit of a faff but i don’t break half as much hair.


Yes I will give that a try. I’m also considering adding back a vegetable or two.