Hadza - The Hunter Gatherer

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #1

You too could look like this soon! lol … Don’t expect zero carbs!

I’ve not read this properly… I’m hoping there’s some diet related stuff?

Hadza article CNN no science


This was interesting :slight_smile: Especially eating the bee larvae with the comb, I never did that :smiley: But that still isn’t the most energy dense food, sugar isn’t very energy dense compared to fat and honey is only 80% sugar. Fat tissue is way more energy dense.

I honestly couldn’t care less about the diversity of my gut biome as long as I feel right and am healthy. But a life eating too much fiber (even if I could do it) wouldn’t be nice for me.

I would like the experiences of someone who more like me so 1-2 mugs of baobab pulp wouldn’t be enough for long term satiation… I possibly would get instant sugar poisoning from the honey too but I could handle that level, hunger would be my problem. (I would totally try the porcupine. with some butter brought with me because I like to get my fat calories.)

Is it a fact that super diverse gut biome makes our life longer and healthier? It doesn’t sound logical to me. I would think it makes us more ready for various things we may need for survival but if I just eat my usual good food in abundance, I don’t need that.

(Edith) #3

Interesting article. It seems it may not take a lot of time for our microbiomes to adjust to changes in diet. I wonder if anyone has studied the microbiomes of the Inuit who still eat their traditional diets?


And what if the Hadza diet gave someone from another place some new bacteria? I bet the Hadza would get new ones elsewhere too, why would it mean anything good…? And whatever I wrote before. I don’t see the logic in the conclusion.

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I’ve heard the Maasai have no incidents of cancer! …but when they migrate to Nairobi looking for work they adopt the local diet and get cancer like everyone else.

(Geoffrey) #6

Well I’m out then.

I’m done eating any kind of insect larvae. I had silkworm larvae once in Korea and that was nasty…never again.


I only ate crickets but they had a spicy flour coating on them so they tasted flour, ew…
I want some pure crickets. But I would try various larvae if my eyes would tell me it looks promising… :smiley: Experience, I value that.

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A dress like that makes my butt look big. :rofl: