Had my 4th DEXA Scan done today

(Bunny) #21


21.47 = 4.98 Visceral Fat Calculator

(Khara) #22

Hmm. So you had to go to an external calculator to figure that right? I’m not seeing a ‘VAT’ score on the test above, just an explanation that it should be low…

(Bunny) #23

Yeah I wonder that myself, why can’t they just put it on the paperwork?

(Troy) #24

I agree
I just had to go back just now and get my score from the printout
And use the calculator

(Herb Martin) #25

Good news for some people in CA, WA, & TX (Austin for me):

There are vans which travel to various sites at least in these places.


$45. Took me 5 minutes to sign up for Monday evening (at a local park) and apparently they really adhere to “10-minute windows” for the scans.

Yesterday I looked in my area and found some possibilities but they were all either more complicated (treatment required or more expensive $75+) then when I saw the post about “BodySpec Van” I used that and my zip code to search.

(Here my wife and I were able to get our CAC scans done easily for $75 each: Two big fat ZEROS & unremarkable, so that was very cool to know and counters almost all arguments that statins would help us.

We had both stopped taking atorvastatin due to COGNITIVE LOSSES which reversed almost immediately.

FWIW: Statins don’t necessarily cause immediate deficits and other issues, they may takes weeks to many months to adversely affect you so it’s likely there side-effects are vastly under-reported and unnoticed.

One doesn’t tend to blame a drug your doctor says will heal you for something that starts months after you begin taking it.

(Alec) #26

Wish it were this easy in Australia. Any Australians had a CAC scan done without a reference from a dr? If so, any advice on where to go?

Ah, this was a DEXA scan… but nonetheless, my question stands, anyone got advice on easiest way to get a CAC scan done in Aus?

(Karim Wassef) #27

thanks for the calculator, bunny!

(Todd Batitis) #28

The key (and they will tell you this) is to do your appointments under the same conditions. So if you get your first scan done at 9am and haven’t eaten breakfast, don’t get your next one at noon after having eaten a nice breakfast and big lunch where you had a 32 ounce Coke Zero. If you normally get a 24 ounce Americano with double shots on your way to work and have it gone by noone and get your scan done around 4pm… do the same everytime you get scanned.

For me, I am fasting all day at work anyways and drink a consistent amount during the day. I got my first scan around 3:40pm so I do the same thing each time and get my scans around the same time.

I can see where the coffee thing could be an issue since it is a diuretic and my most recent scan was on a Thursday that a co-worker was gonna grab me an Americano on the way in (my request) but I recalled the test and opted out for just that reason. I hadn’t had coffee on any of the other scan days so I didn’t want any confounding factors. In fact, had I had the 8 shots of espresso in my Americano and saw the test results… I would have figured that might have been a factor. :slight_smile: Since I didn’t though… I can eliminate that as a possibility. :slight_smile:

(Khara) #29

Awesome CACs! I’ll be looking for that next. Actually already have info from Naiman on where to go but it’s a couple years old so will need to re-research.

Have fun with your DEXA!

(Todd Batitis) #30

You might message Richard Morris, the former but still honorary member of the 2 Keto Dudes podcast. He has had it done and is in Australia.

I don’t know where you are at specifically but you might contact the following and I am willing to bet they can answer your questions about it straight away.

(Todd Batitis) #31

CAC’s will likely need a referral. Mine did. The biggest downfall is that insurance doesn’t cover them (which is idiotic) so you can expect to pay out of pocket for the $100-$150 test that takes about 5 minutes. :slight_smile:

Why do I say it is idiotic? My insurance didn’t blink at a $6000 CT Angiogram. It didn’t blink at an $8000 Nuclear Stress Test. It didn’t even blink at my wife’s $6000 sleep study to prove she didn’t have the sleep apnea she told them was not the reason for her insomnia. What DID they blink at? A $150 test that could have told them that neither of my tests were likely necessary.

(Khara) #32

Yep. Idiotic. No common sense. I wonder if the CACs have changed. A couple years ago Dr. Naiman said just go up to such and such in Bellevue (can’t remember place), it’s 99 bucks. So, I figured I’d do out of pocket anyway, but hoping I don’t need a referral. I still don’t have a doctor that I trust and have a good relationship with and honestly it’s exhausting trying.

(Troy) #33

Great for others to know this as well