Guinea Pig = Keto?

(Laurie) #1

Guinea Pig badge - So I think this keto stuff must be sinking in because my first thought when I saw the badge was about my cousin who is now living in Ecuador where cuy (guinea pig) is a common food. It must be keto, right? Anyone here every try it? Thanks, @richard and @carl for all the great information and for making this forum as fun and interesting as listening to your podcasts!

(AnnaLeeThal) #2

Keto for sure. Seems like a lot of effort for not much meat though :joy:


Yes…I had it…and sorry…I know this is going to sound pathetic…tasted like chicken…(well, tasted like chicken without skin)

But, I like chicken…so, that’s a good thing!!

Actually, meat had more of a rabbit texture (just, tasted more like chicken).

(Roxanne) #4

I suspect they are quite lean, so you’d have to add a lot of fat to them to make them Keto. When I was in Peru, we were warned to only eat cuy if it was delivered to your table with an intact head…because apparently rats look very similar when their heads are cut off. Saw lots, but couldn’t bring myself to buy a “cuy on a stick” from a street vendor.

(Ross Daniel) #5

right! seems like you’d starve to death trying to eat those things! or, well, fast to death?

(Laurie) #6

@Fiorella LOL - I thought that’s how it would be described. I’ve never had rabbit so wouldn’t know. I like chicken so maybe when I get down for a visit I’ll give it a try.

(Laurie) #7

@AnnaLeeMI When I’ve seen pictures, there are always a bunch of them on a skewer. I don’t know if that’s a portion size or what.
@roxanne That’s an excellent tip to keep in mind if I get brave enough to give it a try. Thanks!

(Chelsea Sachs) #8

Definitely had guinea pig in Peru, and yes, it does taste like chicken. Wouldn’t order it off a menu, but it wasn’t bad!

(Meeping up the Science!) #9

It’s not bad. I think it tastes like a cross between rabbit and chicken. It’s also less lean than you might think, or at least the one I had my first time was. You can actually get it at some places in NYC and other areas.